Look younger without trying (too hard)

Take fish oil

Description: Skin Omegas $35.50 Advanced Nutrition Programme.

It’s been proven that taking essential fatty acids lowers inflammation while improving skin hydration – and nourished, plump skin is younger-looking skin. We like Skin Omegas $35.50 Advanced Nutrition Programme.



Embrace sunscreen

Description: Day Intensive Anti-Aging Moisture Cream SPF30 $168

Yawn… here comes the sun protection lecture again. Yes, well, too much sun (along with smoking, but do we really have to explain this one?) is the No1 skin-spoiler – think wrinkles/leathery texture/pigmentation. Make protection part of your daily routine by choosing a treatment cream with bult-in sunscreen. We love Day Intensive Anti-Aging Moisture Cream SPF30 $168 Prevage as it also contains an effective blend of antioxidants that help prevent photo-damage.


Wear sunglasses

It is one of the easiest ways to slow down ageing around your eyes. Choose ones with big lenses to cover the entire eye and the surrounding area, shielding your skin from the sun and minimising squinting. Less quinting = fewer crow’s feet.


Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sounds fancy, but if you regularly get creases from your cotton pillow, switching to silk will ensure you wake up unmarked. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase $40 slumberslumber.com


Get more from your make-up

Give your skin a helping hand with these skincare/make-up hybrids that

treat as they enhance. Think of them as make-up with benefits…


Extra Repair Foundation $58 bobbibrown.co.uk softens and nourishes seriously de-hydrated skin in need of a bit of glow, and comes in 14 great skin-true shades.


Trick And Treatment $14.50 Soap & Glory. This tinted formula erases under-eye darkness and works on the skin to treat the underlying cause, plus it’s super hydrating.


Age Defense BB Cream SPF30 $40 clinique.co.uk. A real do-it-all (hydrator/brightener/corrector/oil-absorber/protector) in a wonderfully creamy formula that gives a good coverage, too.


The 5 products that will never let you down


  1. Aquaphor $13.50 Eucerin. We used to stock-pile this multitasking healing ointment on our trips to NYC – and now it’s finally reached the UK.


Description: Aquaphor


  1. Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil $46.50 clarins.co.uk. When our skin is dull and blah, we pat on this. This cult skin softener rights all the wrongs and gives the prettiest fresh sheen.


Description: Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil


  1. Midnight Recovery Concentrate $58 kiehls.co.uk. An ultra-hard-working overnight treatment for when you need to wake up to a good skin day.

Description: Midnight Recovery Concentrate


  1. Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum $72 origins.co.uk. To repair and to protect skin from future damage, we use this. It packs an effective yet gentle wrinkle-zapping punch.


  1. Cleansing Brush $192 Clarisonic.You will find it on every glowy-skinned beauty ed’s shelf. Why? Because it makes anyone’s skin look and feel so much better.
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