Your everything guide to skin (Part 2) - 3 eyes problems fixed & 6 Skin truths beauty editors live by

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3 eyes problems fixed

1.   Lines

“Because the skin around the eye area is to thin, there is a paradoxical need for a specially formulated product that is both strong yet gentle,” says Dr. Gross. try Serum 10 AOX+ Eye Gel $107.50 skinceuticals.co.uk


2.   Darkness

“Be they genetic or due to poor diet or lack of sleep, the best remedy for dark circles is sleep and a healthy diet,” says Marie Reynolds. Treat and hide with the skin-tinted Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator $44 mamamio.com


3.   Puffiness

It can have a number of causes, the most common being slow lymphatic and fluid circulation. Apply a de-puffing product and get everything moving again by, “Lightly tapping under the eye with your ring finger,” says Linda Palcic. Try Eye Know High Protein Moisturising Eye Serum $44 mamamio.com

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6 Skin truths beauty editors live by


Description: Description: 6 Skin truths beauty editors live by


  1. No skincare product can replace a good night’s sleep. Regularly skimping on sleep causes stress, which raises your cortisol levels and aggravates skin conditions. And did you know your body temperature is a bit higher when you sleep? This enhances the absorption of any product you put on at night, so make it a good one – we’re big fans of High-Potency Night-A-Mins $51.50 origins.co.uk


  1. We love a peel. Gentle peels are our preferred method of exfoliation as they stimulate skin repair and can help firm skin – plus removing dulling dead skin cells gives you an instant glow. We like Dr. Duve Freshlift Facial $264 (michaeljohn.co.uk): a peel + intensive re-hydration = the best skin of your life. At home, we use Extra at Michael John Strenght Alpha Beta Peel $31.50 for 10 paquettes DG Skincare.


  1. Add products one by one. Minimise the risk of irritation by introducing one new item at a time into your routine. And don’t be over-zealous by mixing exfoliators like retinol, glycolic acid or benzol peroxide with prescription products such as Retin A and Roaccutane, as they will sensitise your skin.


  1. Leave zits alone. We know it’s tempting to squeeze, but untouched spots disappear in a few days, whereas squeezed ones can take up to ten days to heal. So leave ‘em be and pat on Drying Lotion $28 Mario Badescu.


  1. Go for what’s tried and tested. Yes, we get to try the latest ‘hot-out-of-the-lab’ products and get excited about new promises. But ultimately we always stick to the proven ingredients that work: antioxidants, peptides, retinol, salicylic, and lactic acid.


  1. Keep an eye on your skin. Check your moles regularly, and if you’re worried, see your GP, who will examine them for signs such as discolouration and irregular borders, and advise you on whether they need further investigation. For a thorough screening, you can also visit The Mole Clinic (themoleclinic.co.uk).
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