Patyka absolis foaming spearmint cleanser

What do we look for in a cleanser? We look for more than a cleaner! Why? Because today just clean, is just not good enough! This soap free cleanser is suitable for all skin types and made from 99% natural ingredients. The secret behind the effectiveness of this product is. That it not only washes away the impurities on the skin, but the tea tree oil helps thoroughly cleanse with antibacterial properties while the powerful anti-oxidants in spearmint promote healing and rejuvenation. The reason for infusing raspberry water into the mix is to help tone and purify your skin, giving it extra protection against free radicals.

Description: Patyka absolis foaming spearmint cleanser

Dermastore.com $45

Estee lauder perfectionist CP+R wrinkle lifting firming serum

Over the years this product has been at the top of most beauty editors’ best of beauty lists. This new and improved version is no different. Using CPR-75 technology (dual action amino acid and protein complex) gives skin cells the extra boost to regenerate more efficiently. This special complex increases collagen and fibronectin production that helps smooth, plump and rejuvenate your skin. In only 4 weeks 96% of women noticed significant results in the skins overall appearance. It’s the perfect blend of super charged ingredients and technology, plus your skin has a velvety texture instantly.

Description: Estee lauder perfectionist CP+R wrinkle lifting firming serum

Macys.com $65

Giorgio Armani regenessence 3.R high lift multi firming eye balm

The main problem with a lot of eye serums and creams is the lack of skin absorption of the products. How many times have you dabbed on the eye cream and found excess product left on your finger? This eye balm was specifically designed to seep into the skin instantly and nourish the delicate eye area with pin point accuracy. Inspired by regenerative medicine research pioneered by Dr. Peter Lorenz, Regenessence 3.R technology targets the 3 levels of the skin with 3 powerful ingredients: ProXylan, Linseed Extract and Vitamin CP and you actually notice an improvement in days!

Description: Giorgio Armani regenessence 3.R high lift multi firming eye balm

Nordstrom.com $100

Babor HSR de luxe serum

The HRS (High Skin Refiner) lifting Integral Complex is a highly effective combination of active ingredients that work to improve skin texture by strengthening the capillary walls allowing the skin to work more efficiently. This in turn promotes cell generation and helps prevent the future breakdown of the skin structure. After applying you notice an almost instant difference to your skin, revealing a healthier, firmer and smoother texture. You can also use this serum as a sole treatment for combination or oily skin.

Description: Babor HSR de luxe serum

Babor.com $181

Sisley self tanning hydrating skin care

We all understand that you must avoid the sun if you don’t want wrinkles, the problem is, we all want that healthy sun kissed glow. Fortunately, one of the best skin care companies in the world, Sisley Cosmetics has the answer. They specialize in Phytocosmetology (the use of natural plant extracts) and their lab researchers have successfully refined the synergy of natural extract results in the amplification and strengthening of each natural ingredient. Within 2 hours of using this product you see the glowing results. Wild pansy and chestnut extracts boost circulation, while the moisturizing and anti-free radical active ingredients perfect and protect the complexion.

Description: Sisley self tanning hydrating skin care

Saksfifithavenue.com $141

Oskia nutria active day cream

If you’re looking for the latest super cream, you found it! Oskia is one of our favorite secrets. This day cream is loaded with peptides, vitamins, omegas, Swiss Apple stem cells and many other super charged ingredients to keep your skin in tip top shape. It is a highly advanced, lightweight anti-aging multi-active product that hydrates longer, keeps skin stronger, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles faster, and overall revitalizes your skins appearance unlike any other. We can’t go into all the benefits of the ingredient list here or we’d run out of room! Suffice to say, Oskia has received multiple awards in Europe for innovation and effectiveness.

Description: Oskia nutria active day cream

Oskiaskincare.com $81

SKII facial treatment essence

The success behind SKII Skin care stems from an ingredient called “Pitera”, a year extract broth produced in the fermentation and brewing of sake. It is only found in Japan and the unusual process of developing it into the essence is unique to SKII. Rich in amino acids, proteins and organic acids, 90% of pure Pitera is in this Facial Treatment Essence. Loyal customers of the brand often refer to it as “Holy Water” because of its remarkable results. It easily absorbs into the skin on contact and you instantly notice the benefits that help restore radiance and clarity to the skin.

Description: SKII facial treatment essence

Nordstrom.com $195

AR457 ny-t regenerating care

Description: AR457 ny-t regenerating care

Recently, it seems everywhere you look you can’t help but hear about the wonderful benefits of Argan Oil, even though it has been around in the beauty industry for hundreds of years. The secret of AR457 is the harnessing of the oil. Combining it with other biologically-active ingredients including mostly ocean elements and Aloe Vera are what make it work so well. Once applied, the formula works overnight to stimulate efficient regeneration of the skin cells and precisely target where your skin needs the most help. There’s nothing better than getting up in the morning and really loving the more improved version of your skin!

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