Guess what? A gorgeous complexion is totally within your reach! Alessandra Steinherr breaks it down…

We all want perfect skin. And to get it we’re prepared to buy into the latest hyped-up ingredient or celebrity-endorsed miracle product that costs a week’s wages. Too much (mis)information, too many products, too much confusion… the more advanced skincare gets, the harder it is to work out what you should be using. It’s enough to make you revert to basic soap and water, but that’s not the road to great skin either. Over the following pages, we sort out your skincare woes once and for all. The bottom line is, with the right advice, anyone can get a better complexion. And no, you won’t need to give your credit card a thumping for it.

Description: Your everything guide to skin (Part 1)


The new rules of skin care

It’s not just about your skin type

Experts agree that while categorising your skin (oily, dry, etc) still applies, you shouldn’t base your entire routine on it. “Your skin type determines whether you should use formulas containing more or fewer emollients [which increase skin hydration] and what type of emollients,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Marko Lens. “But you also need to target your concerns, such as ageing, acne or discolouration.” As a general rule, “Choose your cleanser and mosturiser according to your skin type, and your specialised treatment products to target your issues,” says consultant dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe.


Description: Blemish & Wrinkle Reducer, $92

Blemish & Wrinkle Reducer, $92


And take into account your ethnicity. “Your skin’s photo-type governs how you are likely to age,” says Dr. Lowe. “Olive and darker skins age more in terms of discolouration and sagging. Lighter skins’ signs of ageing are mainly wrinkling and redness.”


Top treatments:

Ease redness with Keep The Peace Super Soothing Moisturizer $58 Philosophy, and fight fine lines and early signs of ageing with 6-in-1 Superboost Moisture Lotion $16 Soap &Glory. Target pigmentation with Life Radiance Double Radiance Cream $72 decleor.co.uk and improve lines and acne-prone skin with Blemish & Wrinkle Reducer $92 murad.co.uk.


Cleanse,cleanse, cleanse at night!

It might seem obvious, but poor cleasing is still a common mistake. “Leaving make-up on when you go to bed blocks pores, which results in bacteria build-up (hello breakouts!), generates free radicals and leads to collagen breakdown,” says dermatologist Dr.Dennis Gross. Clean skin enables products such as serums and creams to deliver their full benefits. The best way to cleanse? “Massage in your cleanser thoroughly and remove with damp muslin cloths,” says facialist Linda Palcic. “If in doubt, wipe over with toner afterwards, as leaving behind any residue can be as bad as not cleansing at all.”

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Super washes: Advanced Skin Therapy Anti-Bac Skin Wash $40 eve-taylor.com; Clean + Prepare $86.50 drfrancesprennajones.com; Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel $5.50 Nivea Visage.



Reach for Serum

As the serums are mostly water-based, the active ingredients penetrate faster than lotions or creams, giving skin a turbo-boost. And why address just one concern – the new multi-serums improve lines, uneven texture and pores all in one formula.


Description: vis1


Hero serums: Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum $99.50 esteelauder.co.uk; Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector $92 lancome.co.uk; Youth Code Serum $40 L’Oréal Paris; Forever Youth Liberator Serum $96 YSL.


Be supplement smart:

When it comes to ageing, taking a supplement helps “because many nutrient levels deplete with age,” says Shabir Daya, pharmacist at victoria health.com. Not sure which to choose? Look out for antioxidants (which help counteract environmental damage), hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatories.


3 supplements we love:


·         High Potency Astaxanthin $27.5 – Futurebiotics is a potent antixiodant, anti-inflammatory and collagen-boosting supplement.


·         Youth $105 beautyworkwest.com contains a trio of amino acids and marine plant extracts to boost skin repair and reduce the signs of ageing.


·         Hyaluronic Acid Hight Strength $56 NHS Labs is the most crucial of all anti-agers, according to Daya. “Studies have shown that hyaluronic acid improves skin hydration, stimulates collagen production, maintains elasticity, has an anti-bacterial and anti-imflammatory function and works as an antioxidant.”


Don’t forget your facials

No longer just a glorified cleanse, facials have a real effect. “The technology available is now so advanced, facials have become a viable and safe alternative to surgery,” says Linda Palcic. “Skilled derma-aestheticians can treat most skin conditions and do much more than just unblock blackheads.” The benefits are not just on the surface, adds Marie Reynolds, international lead educator for Eve Taylor Aromatherapy. “A good treatment raises the ATP [adenosphine triphosphae] in skin cells, which energises them and raises levels of serotonin [the ‘happy neurotransmitter’]. “She recommends a facial every four to six weeks. Not realistic right now? No worries, you can maintain results with one of these pro-grade at-home masks.


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Wonder masks:

Fabulous Skin Reviving Rubberizing Mask $56 Bliss, Deep Exfoliating Mask $94.50 drsebagh.com; The Hydrating Facial $290 Crème de la Mer; Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash Mask $8 Neutrogena.

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