Babies only feel safe when they know that they are loved. Parents should do 10 following ways to show love to babies every day.

All parents want their children have good friends in life, learn how to share sympathize and forgive for other people’s mistake, receive love and the best things that life brings. So, helping babies feel love can help babies know how to love everyone, and this is an important thing. The following ways will help you express love to babies.

1.    Let babies express themselves

You should give babies a space so that babies can express themselves the freest and this is the way that show love to babies.

Supporting babies show themselves through positive behaviors is very good; however, you shouldn’t hurry in evaluating babies and you must have immediate adjustment when you recognize that babies have negative behaviors. Negative behavior is a reaction when babies have things that they don’t trust and feel pleasant. Instead of this, you should talk with babies, support them to create trust between parents and children. After that you will recognize that babies will naturally come to you when they need a shoulder to share.

2.    Wake babies up with a smile

This thing seems to be simple, but you should think how to do this thing regularly, normally “Wake up”.

Beginning a new day with a smile can create happy and love rhythm for the rest time in day of children. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of showing love to babies with smiles.

You should show love to babies with smiles.

You should show love to babies with smiles.

3.    Say yes with suggestions about hugging and kissing of babies

Sometimes, you will be disturbed; however, hugs will bring babies with trust and safeness. Through hugs, you can have deep look about emotion and thought of children, and as a result, babies can recognize parents’ love.

Hugs will bring babies with trust and safeness.

Hugs will bring babies with trust and safeness.

4.    Listen

You should really listen and you shouldn’t be diverted by any stories that babies tell you. This is a way that helps you express love to babies because sometimes you are busy with work and have sundries such as cooking, tidy up house and often ignore to listen to stories that babies tell by halves.

When you listen to their story, you should look their eyes to prove that you really listen. If you cannot listen, you should promise with babies that you will talk to them when you can.

5.    Give babies suggestions

Babies can study many things after being done, listened, heard and felt. When you ask babies for idea about some problem, babies can feel that they are respected and have right. You can suggest babies to attend problems of family such as what your family will eat. This thing doesn’t mean that babies can be decided completely, but it is meaningful to their emotion.

6.    Small things

Tidy up their bed, a piece of paper that sends message for babies to have lunch, a bar of chocolate for babies on the way to home from school… These small things will help babies feel that babies are loved more.

Sometimes the way to express love to babies is just small things.

When parents don’t make promise, it will make babies have untrusting feeling and feel that they aren’t important. Therefore, never make empty promise. Before making a promise, you should be sure that you can do it, and when you cannot make, you should explain the reason to help babies understand.

7.    Discover language of babies

You can feel that you are loved and respected if your husband comes home with a bunch of flower or help you with sundries in the house, and so do babies. Sometimes, children only need simple actions, but they make children feel that they are loved.

Hence, you should find out things that can make your children feel to be special and you can feel love of children.

8.    Spend special time for babies

You can spend a day in week or a day in month that is special to babies. This thing will intensify association and the relationship between parents and children. It provides parents chance to share life with children and find out things that are taking place in children’s world.

You can let babies make plan for the next special days and ensure that the days like this will take place regularly due to plan. At that time, although life is busy, babies will know that their parents will spend special time for them.

Parents should spend special time for babies.

Parents should spend special time for babies.

9.    Say “I love you”

A child won’t feel to be redundant thing if you say that “I love you”. You can say so when you say good bye before children go to school, go to bed, and even when babies have incorrect actions; however, if you say “I love you although you aren’t the best child”, babies will feel limitless love that you give them.

The above way for showing love to babies will help they feel love from their parents and family You should ensure that these actions should be done as much as possible because they are root of love without condition that you give your children.




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