A healthy diet can help you to protect and improve the vision of eyes.

In daily life, you need to create yourself good habits and gain skills that help you protect your eyes.


The formation of the eyeballs has an important role in the close relationship with calcium.  Lacking calcium can effect in the normal development of the bones and decrease elasticity of the eyesight.

To prevent myopia, you should provide a suitable amount of calcium of your body. The food sources that contain plenty of calcium are milk products, soy products and chicken yolks…

A healthy diet will positively effect on the eyesight.

A healthy diet will positively effect on the eyesight.


Chrome has an ability to activate insulin and improve biological effects of insulin. Lacking chrome can seriously affect insulin’s normal functions, increase the pressure of the plasma and cause myopia.

Chrome is often in brown rice, animal liver, grape juice and nuts. You should eat foods like that more frequently n your daily life to provide enough chrome to yourself.


Zinc plays an important part in remaining normal functions of the retina, iris and lens. It can also keep the metabolism normal, transport vitamin A in the eye and improve vision.

Lacking zinc severely can cause vision disturbances. For that reason, it’s necessary for you to provide enough zinc to yourself by eating foods like meat, liver, eggs, peanuts, wheat and soy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help eyes reduce the danger caused by the light and oxygen to delay cataract formation. Foods like tomato and lemon contain a great amount of vitamin C. You can frequently eat foods like that to absorb nutrients.

Fruits are rich sources of vitamin.

Fruits are rich sources of vitamin.

Vitamin A is important in maintaining eyesight. Lacking vitamin A can cause serious night blindness, eye dryness… The best sources that provide vitamin A include animal liver, fish liver oil, eggs… Pre-vitamin A in foods like carrots, pumpkin can transfer into vitamin A in the body.

Seaweed is also good for eyes. Mannite in seaweed can improve urination, reduce eye pressure and glaucoma. Therefore, you can eat seaweed regularly to absorb mannite.

Habits that decrease eyesight

Working with computer continuously for hours can cause eyesight decrease.

Working with computer continuously for hours can cause eyesight decrease.

Using computer continuously in a long period of time can make your eyesight decrease; it can be: blurred vision, eye dryness, eye aches, myopia, astigmatism…

Reading books a lot or in a wrong position, distance… will make your eyes face with many eye issues, especially myopia.

Watching TV a lot can create the condition for radiations from TV to cause certain damages to eyes, especially children’s because their visual cells are still on growing and incomplete.

Environment: The polluted air, low light or too brightly space is also the reason of eyesight decrease.

Eye hygiene:  Cleanse eyes in a wrong way is a reason of eye disease. To protect eyes, you should know to cleanse them right. Moreover, genetic factors, stress, fatigue and sickness that relates to eye like conjunctivitis, pinkeye, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism… or other diseases, such as: diabetes, hypertension… can cause bad effects on eye health.

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