How to make your powder delicious?

As a skilled chef and creator of Weelicious, a website about good food for newborns, toddlers and children, I learned that one of the easiest ways to add some vitality to homemade infant food herbs and spices. One of the first vegetables I choose for my son (Kenya) is the crushed pumpkin. I was depressed when he refused to eat on the first 3 times. In the 4th time, I have added a little pumpkin pie, and he ate all. Here are the advices to do the your first delicious dishes.

Avoid salt and sugar

Description: Avoid salt and sugar

Avoid salt and sugar

When your child first time learns about the new flavors and textures, from 4 to 6 months old, you want he/she really enjoy what he/she is eating. Avoid salt and sugar to enhance the flavor of food.

Simple starting

Once your child is familiar with a new food, try adding a little spice or herb to a fruit powder or crushed vegetable (use organic products whenever you can), anything for this age group, but do not use strong spices such as cayen chili. You can use fresh or dried spices and herbs, but remember that the dry type is more concentrated and you only need to use a little to add flavor to food.

Be careful

Start by adding just a little spice or herb into powder, you need to mix well; you do not want to lose the taste of food.

Creating perfect couples

The good combination includes sweet potatoes and cinnamon; black beans and coriandrum sativum; pumpkin and nutmeg; peas and fresh mint; cauliflower and paprika; pear and ginger; carrots and Cumin.

Description: Pumpkin


Description: Nutmeg


The handmade small meals

To make food for your baby, please team or bake fruit or organic vegetables. Let it cool, then puree in blender or food processor machine. Let store it in glass or plastic bottles without BPA 4 days maximum in the refrigerator or 3 months in the freezer.

Packed food

If you can not find the time (or energy) to make food for your baby by yourself, you can feel good about feeding your baby theses organic foods. Ella’s Kitchen Blueberry + Pear Baby Brekkie mix with fruit yogurt and whole grain rice ($ 2, target.com), Plum Organics Sweet Potato, Mango & Millet includes one kind of fruit, vegetable and whole grain rice ($ 2, plumorganics.com) and Nurturme Sweet Banana contains only dried bananas and can be mixed with water, breast milk or formula milk ($ 10/8 packs, nurturme.com).

Description: Increase nutrition for you baby: replace rice cereal by whole grain cereal such as barley.

Increase nutrition for you baby: replace rice cereal by whole grain cereal such as barley.

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