Avocado Is The Best Fruit For Babies To Start Eating

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Let’s learn some recipes to make avocadoes into nutritious dishes for babies.

Do you know that avocadoes are the best foods for babies to start eating?

Avocadoes not only contain the essential amount of fiber, vitamin, iron, potassium and other minerals for the healthy developments of babies, but also a kind of fruit that suits the tastes of the majority of baby. Another advantage of avocadoes is that they don’t need cooking: they just need a few preparations and you can feed babies with them right then. Moreover, avocadoes can be combined with other foods, such as grains, vegetables and other fruits. Therefore, the avocado is the no.1 choice among foods that babies who are 4-6 months old can start eating with.

Babies should start eating with avocadoes.

Babies should start eating with avocadoes.

There’re some avocado recipes

Avocado and apple or pear soup

Peal the apple/pear, remove the its core then put the rest of the apple in a pot and cook it in medium heat. When the apple is soft, grind it or blend it. Peel the avocado and remove the seeds. Blend the avocado and apple well and you can feed babies right then.

Avocado and banana smoothie

We need a ripe banana and avocado for the preparation. Peel the banana and cut it into small pieces. Blend the avocado flesh with banana and you’ll have an avocado and banana smoothie for your babies.      

Banana and avocado smoothie is a wonderful drink for babies.

Banana and avocado smoothie is a wonderful drink for babies.

Avocado salad

We need a half of an avocado, banana, papaya (small one; if use a big one, take the necessary amount of it) and kiwi. After peeling, cut those fruits in to small pieces, mix it up and we’ll have an avocado salad for babies who are over 12 months old; to smaller babies, you can blend it before feeding them. The salad will be better served with yogurt or honey.

Avocado, carrot and potato

The ingredients include a medium size potato, a small carrot, a half of an avocado and a box of yogurt. Boil the potato and carrot till they’re well-cooked then blend them. Blend the avocado after peeling it. Pour the blended avocado on the combination of potato and carrot. At last, pour the yogurt on the avocado.

Cauliflower and avocado soup

We need cauliflower broth, breast milk or formula milk and a small avocado. The rate is: ¾ cup of cauliflower broth, ¼ cup of milk. Blend the avocado with the broth and milk and you’ll have a delicious soup for babies.

3 more avocado recipes for children who are over 12 months old

You can eat avocado and cheese with bread, biscuits or cereals.

You can eat avocado and cheese with bread, biscuits or cereals.

Avocado and cheese

Blend the avocado with cheese and a little wheat germ. The mixture can be eaten with bread, biscuits or baby’s favorite cereals.

Avocado and pumpkin

You’ll need ½ cup of boiled pumpkin, 1 small avocado and a ripe peach. Blend all the ingredients together.

Avocado and sweet potatoes

The ingredients include 1 small sweet potato and 1 small avocado. Bake the sweet potato till it cooked, remove the cover, puree it and let it cool. After that, blend the mashed avocado and sweet potato with a little bit water to finish the dish.

A good tip for moms

When you don’t use the whole of an avocado, soak the rest of it in the water that was blended with some drops of lemonade so that it can maintain the natural color. Then put the avocado in the refrigerator.

Those recipes above use the delicious and nutritious avocado as the main ingredients. Not only do avocadoes receive love from babies, they’re adult’s favorite foods as well. Moms should prepare avocadoes for the whole family to enjoy.       


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