People think that drink is a small thing in daily life, but it isn’t simple, especially to children. Lacking water can make babies have constipation, reducing about circulation… Therefore, how much water should babies drink every day?

How much water should babies drink every day?

Babies under 6 months old

If babies such mother’s milk completely or eat powered milk with formula that is made with correct rate on milk can, you don’t need to let babies drink water. However, if children have a lot of sweat when they have rickets or constipation, you can let babies drink more water from 100 to 200ml/day.

Children from 6 to 12 months

Demand about water is 100ml/kg/day (including milk). For example, children whose weight is 8 kilograms, will need 800ml of water. If children can drink 600ml of milk, you need to provide them with 200ml/day with form of boiling water, fresh fruit juice and water of boiled vegetables…

Children over 1 year old

Children whose weight is 10 kilograms need to drink 1 liter of water/day (including milk). Children that are over 10 kilograms should add 50ml for each kilogram. You can estimate daily amount of water for babies every day like:

The amount of water (ml) = 1000ml + nx50 (n = babies’ weight - 10)

For example, children’s weight is 13 kilograms, they will need: 1000 ml + (3 x 50ml) = 1150 ml, if children can drink 500ml of milk, the amount of water that needs to be provided is 1150 – 500 = 650 ml.

Children that are over 10 years old will drink the amount of water that is equal to adults: 2-2.5 liters/day.

Children that are over 10 years old will drink the amount of water that is equal to adults.

Children that are over 10 years old will drink the amount of water that is equal to adults.

The best kinds of water

Fresh fruit juice

When you let babies drink orange, mandarin, grapefruit, cucumber juice…, you shouldn’t add sugar because these kinds of fruit juice can provide water, vitamins and minerals for the body. These kinds of fruit juice can eliminate tiredness, intensify activities of brain. In addition, it can make blood vessels become healthy and make blood circulate better in the body.

Kinds of fresh fruit juice can provide babies with water, vitamins and minerals.

Kinds of fresh fruit juice can provide babies with water, vitamins and minerals.

Kinds of juice from vegetables

Jicama, green pumpkin and pennywort juice…are also very good for body, especially to children that are overweight and obese because drinking them, children won’t worry about gaining weight. In addition, they can be antifebrile, especially in summer.

Soya milk without sugar

It is nutritious drink and food that can provide water, calcium and other nutrients.

Water of boiled vegetable

It is very good for body because it can provide vitamins and minerals.

To ensure their health, you can boil clean water, make it cool and let babies drink every day. If you let babies drink water that is bottled, you should choose famous manufacturer in the market.

Which kinds of drink should children limit or not use?

Mineral water

It is kind of drink that contains a lot of minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium…. Kinds of mineral water contain some minerals, so they need to be drunk timely, with correct object. You shouldn’t use it uncontrolledly, especially children shouldn’t use kind of mineral water that contains high content of minerals to make milk because function about kidneys of children are weak, so it cannot eliminate redundant minerals that accumulate in body. Moreover, it can cause disorder of heart rate, high blood pressure, edema…

Kinds of carbonated soft drink

Babies shouldn’t drink because it can cause obesity, indigestion that can cause anorexia for children and provide empty calories.

Kinds of industrial fruit juice

They contain a lot of sugar. In addition, the content of minerals and vitamins isn’t too much, so they aren’t good for health, drinking a lot can lead to overweight state and obesity.

Coffee, kinds of energy water

You shouldn’t use them for children to drink.

You shouldn’t let children drink coffee.

You shouldn’t let children drink coffee.

How should you drink water to be useful for health?

Do not eat and drink at the same time

Water will leave out of stomach about 5 minutes after drinking. Therefore, you should drink water about 10 minutes before eating or about 1 hour after eating. You shouldn’t drink water immediately after eating or in eating because drinking water in eating time can make food watery and it will take gastric juice from stomach to bowel quickly and as a result, it’s difficult for digestion. Moreover, when eating and drinking take place at the same time, we can swallow foods that are chewed carefully, so it isn’t good for digestive system and absorption.

Parents shouldn’t let children eat and drink at the same time.

Parents shouldn’t let children eat and drink at the same time.

Divide into many times in day

You shouldn’t let children drink a lot of water at the same time. Even when babies feel thirsty, you shouldn’t let children too much water at that time. The best way is that you should drink water in mouthful so that water can absorb in intestinal wall to capillary and this thing will satisfy thirsty demand of a body that lacks in water.

Water occupies 60-70% in body

Lacking water will affect living activities of body. All of the reactions and transforming processes in body need water. Water also helps eliminate toxins out of body through urine, sweat. To children, water is very important because lacking in water can lead declining of circulation, even it can lead to death if children lose water seriously in cases of acute diarrhea. Lacking water is also the reason that causes constipation for children and this is a popular disease. Children will need water on all seasons. In summer, the demand about water will increase because children’s body will lose a lot of sweat so that body can regulate temperature to prevent hot.

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