In this period, the baby has many important turning-points that parents must specially care for.

Description: Five-month baby wants to be an adult

Five-month baby wants to be an adult

Your child begins learning how to communicate by “language”. Even laughing or spitting, parents should remember because that can the way your child expresses his needs. Up to that time, you pay attention to your baby’s manifestations to decide weaning.


The baby finds out the way how to use his lips and tongue to create different sounds. Those sound maybe make you laughing but don’t underestimate them because they will be the foundation of language and communication later. This action is so interested that your child always repeats it. You can easily see your baby spits even when he is eating or drinking. He is just practicing!

Description: The baby begins communicating by “language”
The baby begins communicating bylanguage

Bring up the humorousness

Another adorable sound of your baby in this period is his first laughter – the worth thing that any parents want to hear a lot. So you had better spend much time playing with your child. If your baby has just thought or acted any funny things, smile with him. He also laughs a lot when his parents tickle in his belly and say the familiar soothing sound.

Does your baby laugh when you sneeze? It’s certain that the sound and your face look so funny. Moreover, when you try to repeat the sneezing sound, “Haachuu”, which is the same as “Agu” he usually says. If your child says “agu, agu”, you should answer “agu” to him. This attention makes the baby feel excited and think that is an important talk. Trying to remember and understand the special sound which your child said when he was tired, hungry, or wanting to play. The sound is the crucial way that helps you understand your baby’s needs.

Developing the physical

In this age, some babies like sitting because it is a convenient posture that they can look over their body and many things around. The baby can bend over and put his hands in front of in order to attempt to lift his body up that make him stronger and stronger. Sometimes, he can sit up straight or set one hand free to catch the toys, so you should put the pillows around him in case that he falls down. When the parents sit beside, he will be more excited “Wow, I can sit like my parents do!”.

The baby is ready to sit on the chair and have a meal with the family. This is a significant milestone when he feels a member in his family.

Description: I like having a meal on the chair and drinking from the glass as an adult

I like having a meal on the chair and drinking from the glass as an adult

If your child likes sitting on the chair for having a meal, you can give him a small glass with handhold and the brim including special design that help him drink easily. However, you also accept that your child can wet his clothes or drop the glass down on the floor to make a strange sound.


Many parents begin worrying about the additional feed when their baby is from 4 – 6 months old. While some babies are curious to know what their parents are eating, some are just satisfied with sucking their mom. Actually, there is no exactly time for weaning. You shouldn’t be too nervous because the pediatrician says that milk from mother or formulated milk provides enough nutriment which the newborn from birth to 9 months old needs.

However, let care for the signals on your child to ready provide more nutriments in right time. Firstly, does your baby like? Some babies like looking at the food that their parent eating, touching the dishes, taking food, watching and tasting. Besides, some signals on anatomization show your baby is ready:

Description: Pay attention to your baby’s manifestations to decide weaning
attention to your baby’s manifestations to decide weaning

·         The baby can hold his head firmly. If you doubt this ability of your child, wean him later.

·         The baby uses tongue to push the food out – this reflection helps him avoid having stuck in his throat and disappears when he is in 4 – 6 months old.

·         He has to learn how to put the food deeply in his mouth to swallow.

·         His under lip coordinates to take away the food on the spoon.

·         His intestine must grow up enough perfectly to digest the solid food – that means it can produce some digestibility enzymes. 

When recognizing your baby is ready, you should choose some recommended food that used for baby beginning weaning, is comminute, easy to digest, and taste delicious. Mothers usually wean their baby with cereal powder mixing milk. Some popular food is banana, pumpkin, sweet potato, pear, apple, and carrot which you can comminute yourself or buying done thing. Keep track of the baby’s reaction with each food. If he pushes the food out, he isn’t ready for weaning, but he will order the delicious food from this menu soon.

Besides eating, he also discovers the food. He can use fingers or whole hand to feel food and put it into mouth – this is the normal action in his development process – which helps him control his finger how to pick up the food. The level and time of discovering the food is up to you. Our devices are: put on the pinafore and let him discover the food comfortably; wash cleanly when he finishes. Have a good meal!
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