Influenza is often caught in winter when temperature is low plus the weather get colder and drier. Beside medicine, some foods can help to eliminate the sickness.

Ginger is good at curing influenza

Ginger is good at curing influenza.

Influenza affects daily routines with annoying symptoms. To recover fast, aside from following doctor’s guides, you must supplement yourself with some food during this period.

1.     Red bell pepper

Supplying more vitamin C is always the smartest way of beating influenza as vitamin C not only cures but also lessens the symptoms. Few know that red bell pepper contains vitamin C twice as much as orange. This kind of fruit can be used to make tasty dishes.

2.     Carrot

Vegetables that look orange and yellow, such as carrot, have high content of beta-carotene. This substance will be transformed into vitamin A by human body to increase to number of T cells and assist the immune system. Carrot is also beloved much.

3.     Almond

Almond is a vitamin-E-rich source. Vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant. For almond, it can be served as nosh or in main dishes to enhance tastes.

Almond is a vitamin-E-rich source.

Almond is a vitamin-E-rich source.

4.     Sweet potato

Like carrot, sweet potato is yellow-colored, too, so it contains beta-carotene. It is proved to cure respiratory infection. Use sweet potatoes in soups, salads and desserts.

5.     Chicken soup

It is told by folk to cure influenza. Chicken soup is very good for health as it features helpful vegetables (such as carrot) with chick broth. This dish can deal with little infection and sore throat. It also makes patient feel relieved. Once the mind is relaxed, so does the body. Chick soup also increases body temperature temporarily. This helps the body to fight influenza viruses.

6.     Garlic

Sulfur in garlic is evidently able to kill viruses and prevent the disease. Adding this spice into main dishes is a good way to deal with influenza. Garlic works effectively thus it’s suggested to digest many garlic-rich foods to win the sickness. For me, I like many garlic-made dishes: rice, pasta, meat…

Sulfur in garlic is evidently able to kill viruses and prevent the disease.

Sulfur in garlic is evidently able to kill viruses and prevent the disease.

7.     Ginger

A natural substance, Gingerol, found inside the ginger is able to beat infectious diseases, such as influenza. This kind of spice is used to enhance the taste of aperitif, fried dishes and desserts.

8. Salmon

Salmon contains a lot of Omega 3 as well as fish oil. These are fatty acids proved to strengthen immune system. Fish oil suits main dishes or salads as it covers and beautifies the food.

8.     Mushroom

Mushroom has selenium, which helps white-blood cells to produce cytokine (to beat disease) and beta-glucan (to deal with infection). Straw mushroom can be added into soups, salads, aperitif…

9.     Black chocolate

It’s lucky that your doctor doesn’t advise you not to stay away from the sweetened during the period of influenza. Containing a lot of cocoa, black chocolate helps T cells grow and strengthen immune system in the fight against infection. Nibbling some bars of black chocolate or putting them into aperitif, you will benefit a lot from it.


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