This remedy of sugarcane juice and lotus helps me remove urinary retention after childbirth.

Description: Good tip to treat urinary retention

Good tip to treat urinary retention

After childbirth from 4 to 5 hours, you can move lightly, but some pregnant women are able to be in trouble such as uterus pain, vulva pain by suture of uterus, smelly lochia, or urinary retention.

One of the reasons of urinary retention is during labor, when baby goes down, baby’s head usually presses on urethra or urinary bladder’s neck, which causes stagnancy of urine and stretch of urinary bladder. One more reason, even if the childbirth is convenient, midwife will also cut perineum in order for baby’s head to go out easily and then suture it, so decrease of urinary bladder’s function after childbirth often takes place, which leads to urinary retention. Moreover, 2 – 3 days after birth, doctor will catheterize urination many times if you cannot urinate; that causes you to have cystitis easily and clearer phenomenon of urinary retention. You had better try to move gently, not just lie in one place because this is good way to recover uterus and discharge lochia.

When I born my baby, my mother took juice made from sugarcane and lotus for me. She said that mixture would help me not to have retention or urinate drop by drop which many women have got after childbirth. She also advised me to move lightly and soak the body in warm water in a few minute before urinating, so urination would be easier. This folk experience was given to my mother from my grandmother. Therefore, in the first days of childbirth, urination was not difficult for me.

Description: After birth, urinary retention makes many women pain and uncomfortable.

After childbirth, urinary retention makes many women painful and uncomfortable.

You can be unbelieving because much document says that rate of urinary retention in pregnant women is only 13.5%, and you may not be in this group. But we also know the expression “prevention is better than cure”, so I had already drunk juice of sugarcane and lotus due to its both delicious taste and nutrition. During the first days of birth, I drank that mixture for replacing water, supplementing energy as well as nutrients which help your body cool, prevent fatigue and constipation.

Moreover, ingredients of sugarcane is very plentiful including vitamin B1, B2, B6, C and inorganic salts, organic acids, and essential amino acids.  Like sugarcane, in Oriental medicine, lotus has cold temper, fresh sweet, and is used for cooling, treating urinary retention and urination with blood. Women probably all know that sugarcane and lotus have much more benefits. On the other hand, ingredients of lotus such as starch, protein, aspartic, vitamin C, and so on are also good for the body. Fresh sweet of both sugarcane juice and lotus makes your body cool, detoxify, and prevent hard urination, drop-by-drop urination, and urination with blood.

Maybe you have not been convinced much yet, but when saw directly circumstance of a woman sharing hospital room with me, I recognized that sugarcane juice and lotus was extremely useful. That remedy itself helped her remove fear of urination or sound of iron bed moving along the lobby then taking her for catheterization. She took natural childbirth but had pain in vulva by long suture, so she could not stand up for a walk, and her urination is more difficult. Knowing her problem, my mother immediately gave her a glass of sugarcane and lotus juice.

Description: Juice made from sugarcane and lotus deals with urinary retention

Juice made from sugarcane and lotus deals with urinary retention.

My mother showed her the whole process of making sugarcane and lotus juice and suggested her drink it 3 times per day in order to improve retention and drop-by-drop urination. The process is: “juice 500g peeled fresh sugarcane and 100g lotus, then mix these juices together”. My mother also reminded her to warm this mixture before drinking. Following my mother’s instructions, that woman did not have urinary retention any more in following days. Especially, I no longer saw doctor took her for catheterizing urination as usual.

Today, when medicine develops more and more, people pay less attention to folk tips and know little about it. Only when they see directly or spend, they understand that folk experience from long time ago still remains its value.

The most difficult and important things in women’s life is childbirth, but recovering health after that is also much significant because they must be strong for taking care of as well as educating their children since they are newborn. There is no more happiness than looking your baby growing up and be stronger time by time and day by day.

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