These are some popular uses of mangosteen

Description: Deodorize breath with mangosteen

Deodorize breath with mangosteen

Mangosteen is not only a tasteful fruit but also helpful for health. The Xanthone antibody in mangosteen can convert foods to energy, so the women don’t worry about gain weight.

Keep balance in stomach

One of the results of aging is the decrease of acid in stomach that causes to increase harm bacterium and causes diarrhea, pain in belly, heartburn, and your body cannot absorb enough nutrients.

Xanthones in mangosteen can destroy the excessive development of bacterium in stomach, help to improve and set up the balance in it.

Deodorize breath

Xanthones in mangosteen is also a bactericidal substance. Therefore, eating or mouth washing by mangosteen juice can reduce smell in your mouth.

Create elated spirit

There is Trytophan acid in mangosteen – which contacts directly with Serotonin (a mental transmit compound related to sleep, good or bad mood, and taste) creates elatedness in your spirit.

Reduce cholesterol

When bad cholesterol is aging, it will generate plates on blood vessels. The research showed that Xanthones in mangosteen can decrease the affection of bad cholesterol and prevent from creating dangerous plates.


A chronic inflammation can cause diabetes type II, cancer, arthritis, distractions, cardiovascular diseases, and dead diseases. Xanthones in mangosteen blocks against inflammation naturally in the cells.

Description: Xanthones in mangosteen blocks against inflammation naturally in the cells.

Xanthones in mangosteen blocks against inflammation naturally in the cells.

Lose weight

Xanthones in mangosteen makes cells become softer, absorbent, and can convert foods to energy. So we feel more comfortable, and don’t worry about gain weight.

Cure skin diseases

Use mangosteen juice to apply to skin areas that have problems such as acnes, eczema, itching, and so on, and you will recognize they remove naturally without side effects.

Some recipes from mangosteen

Treating diarrhea

Use 24gr dry mangosteen peel, 2gr seed of fennel

Cook this mixture with water, drink twice a day.

Curing constipation

Use 6gr mangosteen peel, 8gr pennywort, 6gr green tea, 4gr licorice, 4gr tangerine peel, and 3 slices of ginger

Cook all with water to drink in day.

Another way for constipation

Use 8gr grilled mangosteen peel, 10gr pennywort, purple spinach, ginseng, pomegranate peel (8gr for each), 6gr old betel nut, 4gr licorice, 4gr grilled tangerine peel.

Cook all with water to drink in day.

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