How To Take Care Of Introverted Children

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As life gets fast and furious, it’s hard to be anintroversive person. However, parents who have introverted children shouldn’t be so worried because, if you take care of them rightly, you can totally help them be successful.

1.    Respect children

You need to accept your children “true colors”, put trust in and respect them. As long as they are in the right environment, children who are introverted still be able to become good, caring and interesting companions.

Description: Respect children and help foster their dreams.

Respect children and help foster their dreams.

2.    It may be hard at the beginning, but you have to start doing.

If your children are afraid of trying new things or meeting new people, make a chance for them to get used to the things. Don’t leave them as outsiders but respect their limit even though they’re just being negative. Stand by your children when they take part in activities that they’re afraid of. When children have to face social problem, tell them that you always appreciate their efforts: “I see you play with new friends today. I know it’s hard for you to do so, but it makes me proud of you.” When children feel uncomfortable about things that they don’t like or feel fear of, explain to them how wonderful and harmless the things really are. In the end, children will succeed in controlling their emotions and their fears.

3.    Avoid criticizing

Description: You should help your children feel good about themselves.

You should help your children feel good about themselves.

If your children are shy ones, never make any comments like “my child is very shy” in front of them. As you do that, your children will consider the tension and anxiety as inherent characters of them, not emotions that they can learn to control. Children already know that shyness is not appreciated in our society. When people talk about your children’s shyness in front of them or are about to, you should say things like: “she/he just wants to spend time discovering the world”.

4.    Do not force your children to do anything

If you’re introverted, don’t apply your past on your children. Your introversion may cause you miseries in the old days. However, it doesn’t mean that the introversion will do the same thing to your children or your children can’t deal with their problems. Introverted children can solve problems and get improved. The only thing you can do to make your children happy is to let them live with their positive character, believe that those characters can help children improve and give children skills to cope with challenges that come in the future.   

5.    Water your orchids

Description: Some children are like orchids: they can get withered easily.

Some children are like orchids: they can get withered easily.

If your children are sensitive – sensitive to lights, sounds, experiences or new situations, they are ‘orchid’. According to researches, most children are like dandelions, which means they can develop their potentials in any environment. There’re children who are like orchids: they can get withered easily. Nonetheless, if orchids are fostered in the right environment, they can grow even better than dandelions. If ‘orchid children’ are raised well, they will be healthy kids with good grades and sane relationships.

6.    Foster the passions

Introverted children often have great potential in pursuing their passions. You should take notice of their passions and foster them. Having a commitment with one activity is one way to happiness. When your children’s talents are developed and recognized, the children will be much more confident. The common activities like football, playing piano can be good for some children. However, you should consider other activities. Your children can find their passions in writing or creating things. Therefore, go with your children wish.

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