‘Dispersed love’ or ‘love and ties’

Description: ‘Dispersed love’ or ‘love and ties’

Legend says that when imprisoned before his death, St. Valentine wrote a letter to jailer’s daughter and signed below as ‘From your Valentine’. Is it real that although decapitated on the next day, he was still not brave enough to express ‘Send you sweet love, Love your Valentine’, or ‘Send you affectionate love, Love your valentine’. No, it was not. The reason why he alluded like that is for the girl he loved to fill in that blank. In fact, she was thoughtful and confessed ‘He really wanted to live with me forever.’

Women usually try to find out why true love always runs away from them. If love is unsuccessful, we easily recognize a comfort that no-one loves us than ourselves. It seems that there are many women still waiting for their own true men.

I do not know how you think, but I am really bored with being an odd maid and desperately wait for lover, which is so uncomfortable and illusive. The matter is that in the world, there are about three women for a man. Certainly, there are a few girls who are lesbians, marry in polygamy, or do not hesitate to say goodbye to their current love. Whatever it is, the fact is that the number of men in the world does not increase.

However, it is the story of male, not a big problem for women as us.

So, quit waiting for love, in stead of that, love things around yourself. For example, drink a hot glass of coffee – every time smell coffee, my heart beats faster, a few people says it is heart rhythm disorder, but I liken it as love rhythm. Or, love your shoes – once they fit you, they will not leave you, just like intimate friends, right? Or, accustom to some impetuous wine – how many times you scroll yourself in a blanket with your favorite book and are tipsy by a bottle of Bordeaux? When drinking wine, you are yourself, which makes you more lucid, lovelier, and more humorous. And if you burn into tears, there is no-one stopping you from maundering during the night.

If you expect something livelier, consider some lovely puppy. In cold weather, at least you will have something to stroke. That is the reason why I have a very lovely puppy named Gus. I do not have to ask what it is thinking about since I know it is an unprejudiced puppy, while every time sitting next to some guy, I have to rack my brain so that I can find out the way to know his thought.

Description: ‘Dispersed love’ or ‘love and ties’

I have to admit that I used to have a strong attachment to a guy that is an extreme perfectionist. For example, when we sit side by side, he will turn on all fire alarm system although there is no cooking at the kitchen. Certainly, I am smart enough to know that time is mainly for body desire. My own experience shows that once you take your lover to home and live with him more than two weeks, you have to stand him in 24 hours every day and accept that half of your house is belong to him. This is so disadvantageous, right?

In short, I do not want any ties in love or life, even signing phone contract sometimes makes me panic.

I just have advice for abandoned women that remember love is similar to a kind of commerce where deceit is covered by sparkling cards from companies, and do not comfort yourself by the story of sloppy Saint with sweet love before the night he was put into death.

And if my advice still does not make you satisfied, be happier because of upcoming Easter holidays, and it is time women recognize their true love with chocolate.

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