Broccoli and cabbage are rich in fiber and vitamins but they are not quite good for health. Vegetables contain high amount of fiber that can make the stomach capacity stretch and it easily leads to the accumulation of excess gas in the stomach.

Broccoli and cabbage

Broccoli and cabbage that are two kinds of vegetables in the cabbage family not only are rich in vitamins and fiber but also have the effect of preventing cancer, anti-aging.

However, although they are rich in fiber and vitamins, they are not quite good for health. Vegetables contain high amount of fiber that can make the stomach capacity stretch and it easily leads to the accumulation of excess gas in the stomach.


Eating lots of chocolate not only causes excess of calories but also makes gastrointestinal juice overflew. These are irritations after eating too much chocolate. Because when chocolate goes down the esophagus, it will make sphincter stretched, cause acid reflux and irritate esophagus and throat.

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Orange, lemon juices

Acidic beverage can irritate the esophagus and the sensory nerve. If you usually drink a glass of orange juice in the morning after waking up, the acidity in your stomach will increase.

If you drink a glass of fresh lemon juice with high amount of fructose at this time, you should pay attention, because charging too much sugar will cause diarrhea.


Beans are known to be the foods causing indigestion. The oligosaccharides in beans such as stachyose and raffinose, fermented by intestinal bacteria, can be decomposed into gas. Therefore, it causes symptoms such as hiccups, abdominal pain ...

People with serious stomach ulcers can’t eat products from beans, because they contain high amount of purine, which stimulates gastric juice secretion.

And people with the acute and chronic gastritis can’t eat soy to avoid gastric acid secretion and flatulence.

Description: Beans


Fresh onion

Onions, leeks and garlic are rich in nutrients, are extremely beneficial to health such as cardiovascular protection; but they also can cause discomfort for digestive tract such as flatulence, abdominal pain... if they are not cooked. However, if they are processed, the nutrient compounds that can irritate the stomach will not bring bad effects.

Potato with butter

Potato is a low-calorie food, high protein, rich in vitamins and trace elements, is considered the ideal slimming food, especially a bowl of mashed potato.

But mashed potato with butter or cheese is not as good as you think. In the USA, there are approximately 30-50 million people that are allergic to lactose. If you are such a person, you are not suitable for mashed potatoes with butter. Because milk, butter and cheese in the mashed potato can make your stomach uncomfortable.

Ice-cream served in glasses

There is no quickly method that can determine whether you absorb lactose; this can just be known when you sit down to eat a glass of ice cream. When you have flatulence, abdominal pain, you should avoid dairy foods.

Description: Ice-cream served in glasses

Ice-cream served in glasses

Ice lolly

If you eat too many cold things like ice-cream served in glasses, ice lolly, cold drinks, the normal activities of the digestive function will be affected, leading to indigestion. And you will lose the appetite and have flatulence, abdominal pain.

Fried foods

The fried foods such as fried chicken, potatoes contain plenty of fats, and these substances accumulated in the stomach will cause disease. Oil under high temperature will produce a substance called acrylic – a culprit causing indigestion.

A nutrition expert from Orlando, Florida said: "If you had gastritis, you should eat less oil, fatty foods, otherwise you would have some unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea."

Spicy foods

Red pepper and pepper can irritate the esophagus and increase the burden to stomach. Furthermore, spicy foods can also make the gastric mucosal ulceration. So, if you have an ulcer in the stomach, you should limit and take away from fresh peppers, chili powder, because they are hot spices that are not good for your stomach.





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