Sushi, bacon, smoked meat, runny egg… is delicious, but they’re dangerous to women and fetus.

Take a tour around the forums for women, I see that most pregnant women wonder “which food to eat, which food you should avoid in pregnancy”. It can be stated as one of the top concerns of pregnant women as not everyone wants to eat foods that are dangerous to their health as well as their baby’s. When I’m pregnant, my mother is a doctor so she gives me careful instruction about what food I should avoid during pregnancy. Here are the lists of delicious and tasty food but can be dangerous which my mother doesn’t allow me to eat during pregnancy. Mothers who love these foods should stop eating them. I think it’s going to be easy for you as you all love your child.

Seafood having high mercury content

Seafood is a rich source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acid that helps to promote fetal brain development. However, pregnant women should notice that there’re some fish having high mercury content such as swordfish, shark, whale, codfish which are recommended to be used during pregnancy. As the reason, absorbing too much mercury into your body will be harmful to the nervous system of the baby.

Instead of that, women should frequently eat shrimp, crab, tilapia and canned tuna. About 2-3 meals/week is the best. You should often cook soups with crab, simmer shrimp, tuna with orange sauce… as they’re both delicious and healthy for both women and babies.


Sushi is a great dish from the land of the rising sun, and many women are a big fan of this dish. Before getting pregnant, I usually get to the Japanese restaurant to have sushi. But, when my mother knows that I’m pregnant, she doesn’t allow me to eat sushi as it may be harmful to his grandson’s health. She explains that the main ingredient of sushi is raw fish, which possibly contain more parasites and bacteria than cooked fish.

Description: Women should avoid eating sushi when being pregnant.

Women should avoid eating sushi when being pregnant.

Parasites parasitize in the owner and use the nutrition in the owner’s body to develop. This means that you will have less nutrition for the development of your baby, especially at the time the fetus healthily develops. Therefore, it has a lot of bad affections to the fetus. Not even mention that bacteria and parasites can cause diseases to pregnant women having weak health.

Frozen food

It’s true that frozen, smoked foods are very delicious, attractive and tasty to many pregnant women. However, these types of food normally have the risk of containing listeria, which can cause miscarriage, fatal if you are not taken to the hospital in time. It’s not just that, as they are the seeds of many types of cancers. Therefore, pregnant women should reduce eating bacon, smoked meat as well as sausage. If you want to eat those kinds of food, you should steam them at high temperature, then eat them.

Fast food

During pregnancy, women should avoid fast food. My mother explains that these foods are a group of food that may contain listeria monocytogene which increases preterm birth and miscarriage. Besides, fast food is normally cooked by reusing cooking oil, which is harmful to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Undercooked meat and poultry

Do you know that one of the most taboo foods during pregnancy is undercooked poultry and meat? Bacteria in red meat and chicken can cross the placenta and infect the fetus, which leads to infection or blood infection, threatens the life of women and fetus.

Description: Pregnant women should cook the meat through before using.

Pregnant women should cook the meat through before using.

Besides, pregnant women should also avoid the raw eggs, poached eggs no matter how delicious they are, and you should cook them well before using. For example, if you boil the yolk, it must be cooked and turn into solid on cooking, not runny.


My house has a wide balcony, so I’m engrossed in growing sprouts. Sprouts are delicious and safe, so my family love eating them, but since I’m pregnant, I have no choice but to see others eating these. The reason is that the bacteria from the soil can enter the seeds before they sprout, so eating raw may be dangerous. Women who’re craving for sprouts should cook them before using.


When getting married, my husband usually store alcohol. Some are used for the guests, and some we use with fermented pork roll, grilled squid, amberjack, beef jerky… However, during pregnancy, I have to stay away from alcohol as it causes a fetal alcohol syndrome which impairs the physical and mental health of the baby.

Description: Using too much coffee can cause headache, stress and the dangerous complications such as preterm birth, miscarriage.

Using too much coffee can cause headache, stress and the dangerous complications such as preterm birth, miscarriage.

Besides, drinks such as tea, coffee, chocolate… can make the hearth rate, blood pressure of pregnant women increase if they’re overused, and this may lead to headache, stress and dangerous complications such as miscarriage, preterm birth.

These are some of the eating experience I’ve learned in pregnancy. Hope you all have a healthy pregnancy.


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