Most people peel the fruits before eating and do not know that fruit peels take the effects on beautifying and preventing disease.

Banana peel

Banana peel contains active ingredients to inhibit fungi and bacteria. It can treat fungal infections due to skin irritation. The smashed banana peel mixed with ginger can prevent arthritis and relieve pain. Using banana peels to rub on the limbs can prevent the chapped skin in the winter.

Besides, banana peel that is dried and crushed into powder can make cosmetic.

Description: Banana peel

Banana peel

Using pieces of banana peel to massage onto the face, then apply on the acne spots about 30 minutes and wash away with cold water. People with dry skin can get banana peel rub on the face for 10 minutes, then wash away with water, and they will have smooth, shiny skin.

Also, banana peel has the effects on whitening teeth. You can brush your teeth with usual toothpaste, then use the inside of a banana peel (the banana is ripe, its peel contains high level of potassium) to rub the teeth for 2 minutes, the minerals in ripe banana peel will penetrate the surface of the teeth and brighten teeth.

Watermelon peel

Watermelon peel can dissipate the heat and remove toxins. Watermelon peel is better than watermelon shell. Oriental medicine uses watermelon peel and juice to lower blood pressure. Besides, it is also very good for anemia, dry throat, bladder inflammation, nephritis.

You can eat directly the flesh of the watermelon peel or chop up and dry, then cook to drink. It can help treat inflammation, heat, swelling on the mouth quite effectively. In addition, watermelon peel also contributes a positive role in treating acne.

Description: Watermelon peel

Watermelon peel

Apple peel

The study results of scientists show that apple peel helps prevent cancer. Because the apple peel contains many nutrients that have similar components with anticancer substances. Moreover, these nutrients are useful in supporting anticancer cells.

Apple helps clean the plaque at the base of a tooth naturally. It also helps remove yellow spots on teeth. However, scientists recommend that we should not eat apple and apple peel that have unknown origins in order to avoid poisoning caused by pesticides…

Pear peel

Pear peel tastes sour. It helps remove sputum and cool heart and lung. The crushed pear peel can treat ulcers and wound of the skin. Fresh pear peel can also remove inflammation.

People who smoke cigarettes much should eat much this fruit, and eat the peel. The reason is that pear peel contains many antimicrobial substances in the lung, increasing the body's resistance and supporting cardiovascular system. In addition, people often cook pear peel with brown sugar to treat cough and cold.

Cucumber peel

Cucumber peel tastes rather tart, rich in nutrients. Eating the cucumber with peel will help you absorb Vitamin C in cucumber better, the latex in cucumber peel helps enhance the detoxifying function to the body. However, before you eat the cucumber with peel, you should wash cucumber then soak in diluted salt water for 30 minutes to ensure hygiene.

Tomato peel

Lycopene in tomato is considered natural nutrient helping prevent oxidization effectively. It can prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer. Tomato peel is rich in this nutrient. Therefore, when you eat raw or cook tomato, you should not remove peel.

Pomelo peel

Description: Pomelo peels

Pomelo peels

Pomelo peel tastes bitter, spicy. It helps remove sputum, relieve pain and treat edema. Green peel of pomelo helps treat stomachache, sputum, cough, indigestion. The active ingredients (essential oils) in pomelo peel help reduce fat in the blood, fatty liver. The flesh of pomelo is sour. It can treat anorexia, fatigue, indigestion, poisoning. People also use pomelo juice to help digestion, prevent bleeding and cool the body, helping mentation relaxed.

Orange peel, tangerine peel

Orange and tangerine peels contain plenty of vitamin C, carotene and protein. Eating porridge cooked with orange, tangerine peel helps remove sputum, treat bloating and indigestion. Drinking tea with orange, tangerine peel helps feel appetite, enhance moral strength. Drinking alcohol soaked with orange, tangerine peel helps remove sputum, clean lung.

Description: Orange peel

Orange peel

Squash peel

The majority of squash is water and it does not contain fat. According to Oriental medicine, the whole squash includes stem, leaves, fruits, fruit peels and seeds, which are good medicine. Especially, squash peel helps remove inflammation, which is very good for people with diabetes.

It can treat kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease caused by edema, bloating, indigestion.




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