‘Grace of Monaco’ Costume Designer Opens Up on Designing for Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman transforms effortlessly into Grace Kelly in new film 'Grace of Monaco' and the costume designer behind the film, Gigi Lepage, has spoken on having free reign by the director Olivier Dahan to create her own unique vision regarding the styling and costumes used in the new production. Gigi says she was very inspired by the Sixties era and felt free to give her input in to the designs used throughout: ''Olivier Dahan gives me complete freedom when I'm working with him. When I ask him questions, he replies, 'Read the script,' which means that maybe the answer is hiding between the lines like a magic formula. This is one of the reasons it's a real pleasure working with him. Since it wasn't an historical film, I felt free in terms of the plot to create costumes and along with the set decor, the fashion spirit of the Sixties inspired me.''

The film includes vintage designs by the likes of Christian Dior, Chanel and more, while Gigi worked on several new costumes by looking at archived photos of the actress to create a wardrobe inspired by Grace's effortless and elegant sense of style. Jeweler Cartier also recreated key pieces work by Grace, including her engagement ring for the film. Gigi commented that she also aimed to use flattering colours: ''I worked with a specific colour palette that first and foremost enhanced her blonde hair, blue eyes and her delicate porcelain skin. I definitely kept in mind colours that were in vogue during this period, especially pale yellow, which was a favourite of Grace of Monaco.''

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