Blake Lively Prefers to Dress for Comfort on the Red Carpet

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Blake Lively has spoken on dressing for the red carpet. The former 'Gossip Girl' star has revealed that she can find the experience quite stressful, so she likes to have an outfit that is comfortable to wear, so she feels good about how she looks and not awkward. She believes that finding the right look, including accessories and makeup, is the key to feeling as confident as possible on the red carpet. She explained that it's all about feeling good in your own skin: ''Being on the red carpet tends to be stressful because there are a million cameras and some are looking for that embarrassing photo. So my advice is always feel comfortable in what you're wearing - and that includes your clothes, your shoes, your make-up. That is what will make you feel the most confident. Of course, I don't mean comfortable like sweats and Uggs.''

The actress, who is now married to Ryan Reynolds, explains that she enjoys dressing up for big events but she doesn't like overly fussy hairstyles. She has previously admitted that she likes to use her hair as a shield to stop her shyness in front of so many cameras. Blake comments that she prefers to leave her hair loose so it looks more relaxed and simple too:  ''Honestly, though, I enjoy getting ready for big events - it's like grown-up dress-up. Often you see people on the red carpet with tight up-dos, but that makes me feel stiff. For me, effortless hair is much more romantic and lived in.''

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