Kimberley Walsh Opens Up on Her Past Style & Fashion Secrets

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'Girls Aloud' singer Kimberley Walsh has opened up on her own sense of style, revealing some of her personal fashion secrets that she has learned from years of dressing up. Kimberley says that she used to try and conceal her figure but now she realizes that showing off her good points is important in order to make something look beautiful and flattering too. She says that good style all about feeling comfortable and it isn't even necessary to watch fashion trends as long as something suits you: "'Don't worry as much about what's in fashion, just wear things that are going to make you look your best - that's what's going to make you feel most comfortable, because nobody feels good wearing something they don't look good in. Once I learnt that covering my shape up wasn't doing me any favours, it's like the light switched on.''

Kimberley also speaks on her past style, admitting that she often laughs at some of the old things she used to wear because they now are so out of fashion. She says that she has now found her own sense of style and is happy to stick with it: ''I think fashion has changed so much in 10 years. When I think around the time of our 'Chemistry' album, like 'Biology' and the outfits we wore for that [video] with the black pencil skirt and shirt, with the red belts an the bodycon stuff; that kind of took over and I don't think I've ever looked back from that point. It think I found what really suited me and ran with it, and now I find ways to adapt it so I don't get bored.''

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