Miley Cyrus Comments on Her Jeremy Scott Collection Collaboration

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American designer Jeremy Scott recently teamed up with singer Miley Cyrus for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection which just debuted at New York Fashion Week. Miley created a mixture of unique accessories for the 'Dirty Hippy Collection' using plastic toys and other random finds. Speaking on her inspiration for the colourful designs, Miley says she sourced a lot of ideas from old childhood favourites: "I just liked, and still Iike, stuff. You can't take your Barbie apart, exactly, but like, Rainbow Looms and stickers, and those plastic star bracelets—a lot of what's going on the runway today is stuff I've had since I was a little kid, reshaped in new ways."

Miley explains that she often manages to avoid the paparazzi and sneak out to visit dollar stores where she gathers materials to create her ideas. She said that she is able to go unnoticed to pick up supplies: "I get a lot of my materials at the Dollar Store. I'm really good at being incognito. I swear, I've walked through New York City and nobody's noticed. And I go to The Dollar Store all the time."

The singer explains that she has been enjoying making sculptures recently and thinks the new accessories are an extension of the art she enjoys creating. She also thinks they can be used in "everyday life" which makes them unique from her usual creations: "I'm a maker. I've always done art, and I've been really into sculptures lately. But I feel like accessories are sculptural, too, they're just moulded so you can make them part of your everyday life."


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