Mulberry’s CEO Speaks on Finding a New Creative Director & Driving Sales

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Mulberry CEO Godfrey Davis is still working with the luxurious British heritage label Mulberry to replace previous creative director Emma Hill. He says they're searching for the right person but aren't worried about rushing to find a replacement because they have an otherwise strong team: ''It's an important role and the board is aware that people are frustrated that it is taking time, but we are determined to find the right person. In the mean time we have a strong creative team here doing a great job.''

He adds that they're now just focusing on finding a good creative director and that may also bring around some other changes in the structure of the business: ''The board and I are happy with me in the position of ceo for the time being. I obviously have the experience but I'm not here forever. Ultimately our choice of ceo will be informed by our choice of creative director, which is what the board is focused on primarily.''

The company are currently working on winning back customers who they believe were previously alienated by the brand's image change, as sales sadly dropped recently. Davis says they're working on making changes and hope to see positive movement soon: "This is a medium term project. We have been dealing with inherited issues but we are making progress and expect to see some of the benefits coming through in the second half (of the financial year) and more next year." Mulberry also recently launched a lower price bag range named 'Tessie' which they expect to increase sales.


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