13.     Zona Tortona

Description: Zona Tortona

Zona Tortona

In the last 20 years, places have open architecture and interior are for rental with cheap price,  built industry around Tortona made this place become the magnet for designers, restaurants, museums , shops and hotels. This area is known as a place of creativity, including the artwork from David Chipperfield architect: a steel factory was transformed into a museum, a visual arts center, an auditorium or more.

14.     Trams

Description: Trams


The only thing that can compete with the Big cathedral in Milan symbol throne is the trams: they can run slowly, but they are the cheapest means, you do not have to pay to go around the streets. Milan currently has 17 tram routes, including the antique magnificent cars, these vehicles have not upgraded as line 1 and line 5. The best way to go by trams is to buy an open ticket called biglietto giornaliero at any newsstand or at station. Price of this ticket is 4.50 EUR, including a travel day with buses, trams and subway.

15.     Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

Description: Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

Located behind the walls near the castle is Sant’Ambrogio basilica. It is named a 14th century cleric, who was later honored as patron saint of Milan, this is the place makes Big cathedral be the second position. Inside the solid red brick wall, there is a perfect artwork of the history, including gold altar from the 12th century, where the saint mummy is kept.

16.     Bistrot Bovisa

Description: Bistrot Bovisa

Bistrot Bovisa

Milan has struggled a lot to buy suburban industrial parks, and in that area, there is an airy luxurious restaurant next to Triennale Bovisa, the modern art museum. The restaurant’s menu is changed on the topic of the museum, restaurant interior is designed elegant, it has unique live music.

17.     Savoia luxury hotel

Description: Savoia luxury hotel

Savoia luxury hotel

With classic and elegance beauty, this hotel is known as the center of the republic. Guests will be impressed with the beauty of the hotel right from standing at the door: traditional greeting in aristocracy style, the luxury marble, delicate interior, great service, premium swimming pool and the most luxury gym of city.

18.     Corso Como

Description: Corso Como

Corso Como

Inaugurated in 1990 at the industrial area near the city, Corso Como is an oasis of high-end art, including an art gallery, a magnificent bookshop, an exclusive clothing store, and a romantic garden cafe. There are also private rooms for travelers.

19.     Triennale di Milano

Description: Triennale di Milano

Triennale di Milano

Founded in 2007, the first designing museum of Italia is located in a building displaying all artworks of the city every 3 years. The display of artworks includes pictures, products, interior and graphics from around the world. The building also has a great cafeteria in the back with outside tables and chairs on summer days.

20.     Leoncavallo

Description: Leoncavallo


Milan led Europe in the fight against Capitalism drastically, and this is shown through the occupation of large industrial zones and buildings. Leoncavallo is considered the neutral party, this place used to be the biggest European party. It is expressed through graffiti art, jazz, government opposition, theaters, and alternative food.

21.  Castello Sforzesco

Description: Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

This building was the power center of the city, and it’s 1 km far away form the Big cathedral in the northwest. Built from the 14th century by the Visconti family, the castle was transformed into a building to store traditional properties in 1900s. It includes 12 museums and artworks from ancient times to the Renaissance and many unique programs.

22.     Prada

Description: Prada


In the Milan and Paris fashion shows, Miuccia Prada, the Italian fashion genius, continued to surprise the audience by her unique styles and materials in fashion. Besides, she also showed her talent in designing traditional suitcases, which was the traditional job of her family in the 1970s. This collection includes riveted chests and suitcases in her store at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II building

23.     Giacomo Arengario bar

Description: Giacomo Arengario bar

Giacomo Arengario bar

Giacomo Arengario is a restaurant in Museo del Novecento, this museum displayes the artworks in the 20th century, it was inaugurated from December 2010, from here, you can see the Big cathedral square. There are a Tuscan classic restaurant named Da Giacomo Arengrio and a shiny bar considered a highlight Milan architecture of the restaurant.

24.     San Siro stadium

Description: San Siro stadium

San Siro stadium

Milan is home of two famous teams AC Milan and Inter Milan, the stadium is 7km from the center of the city. It was completed in 1925 and was extended at a cost of $ 60 million for World Cup 1990. At present, with 11 towers, the stadium can contain 80,000 spectators.

25.     Teatro Armani

Description: Teatro Armani

Teatro Armani

The mark of Giorgio Armani covers many clothing stores in Milan, but his most strange and ambitious project is: Nestle chocolate factory in southwestern will be built into the theater by Tadao Ando – the leading architect of the world. Ando’s main office is located in Osaka, this city has the same development and sophistication as Milan. Now, the deep color of Amarni mixes with gray of Ando and both develope a new way for fashion industry.
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