Beijing - Around Town : Eastern Beijing (part 2) - Shops, Markets, and Malls

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A Walk From Ri Tan Park to Sanlitun


The American-style diner Steak and Eggs (5 Xiushui Jie), which is behind the Friendship Store, opens for pancake-platter breakfasts at 7:30am. Well fed, head north up embassy-lined Jianhua Lu to enter Ri Tan Park via the south gate. This is one of the city’s best parks, with an old sacrificial altar, a rockery, and a small lake with the waterside Stone Boat café. Exit via the west gate onto Ritan Lu, then head south, toward Guanghua Lu, which is lined with shops. Stop at French deli Fauchon (see Fauchon) to stock up on delicious chocolates and wines, or head to one of the many stores in this area. Continue on to busy Chaoyang Men Wai Dajie, lined with malls and the Dong Yue Miao temple.


Departing the temple, turn left and then take the second left into Gongren Lu. This takes you up to a park with a lake and then the Workers’ Stadium. Circle the stadium to exit via the north gate onto Gongren Tiyuchang Bei Lu. Head east until you come to a foot bridge, which allows you to cross this eight-lane boulevard safely. It deposits you in front of Yashaw Market for more bargain shopping. To the east, The Village offers more up-scale shopping possibilities. Continue east until Sanlitun Bei Lu, the heart of the city’s entertainment district: bars The Tree and Bookworm , plus restaurant Alameda are all just a few minutes’ walk from here.

Shops, Markets, and Malls

  1. Silk Market

    This four-story indoor market is the lodestone for counterfeit designer goods. Haggle as if your life depended on it .

    • Jianguo Men Wai Dajie

    Sunglasses at the Silk Market
  2. Yashaw Market

    Similar to the Silk Market, but significantly less crowded and less aggressive .

    • 58 Gongren Tiyuchang Bei Lu

    • 6415 1726

    Boots at Yashaw Market
  3. China World Shopping Mall

    The Silk Market and Yashaw Market sell the counterfeits, but this is where you come for the originals .

    • 1 Jianguo Men Wai Dajie

  4. Shin Kong Plaza

    Opened in April 2007, Shin Kong is a temple for luxury shopping and gourmet dining. It marked the debut appearance of many elite brands in mainland China .

    • 87 Jianguo Lu

    • 6530 5888

  5. Friendship Store

    Once upon a time this was officially the only store tourists could visit. Now it’s the last place you’d want to shop; it’s overpriced and has notoriously unhelpful staff. Visit only for a glimpse of how shopping in Beijing was in the good old bad old days.

    • 17 Jianguo Men Wai Dajie

    • 6500 3311

  6. Dong Jiao Wholesale Market

    This is where the traders from Beijing’s other markets come to buy their stock .

    • Dong Si Huan Zhong Lu

  7. The Place

    With its eye-catching LED screen, The Place is hard to miss. This mall offers mid-range shops like Zara, Aldo, MAC, Crocs, and Puma. There is also an English-language bookshop.

    • 9 Guanghua Lu

    • 6587 1188

    • 8561 9556

  8. Fauchon

    This French gourmet empire opened its first Chinese deli and grocery store in Shin Kong Plaza, levels B1–F2.

    • 87 Jianguo Lu

    • 6533 1266

  9. The Village at Sanlitun

    The upscale Village has shops selling fashion, sporting apparel, and electronics, plus a range of restaurants and bars.

    • 19 Sanlitun Lu

    • 6417 6110

    The Village
  10. Jenny Lou’s

    Expat heaven with genuine Dutch cheese, German bread, and French wines.

    • 4 Ri Tan Bei Lu

    • 8563 0626

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