Boston - Around Town : Cambridge & Somerville (part 3) - Nightclubs & Bars, Restaurants

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Nightclubs & Bars

  1. The Middle East

    A live music club to rival any in New York or Los Angeles, the Middle East rocks its patrons from three stages and nourishes them with delicious kebabs and curries.

    • 472–480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

    • 617 864 3278

    • Adm

  2. Western Front

    Live soul, R&B, hip-hop, Latin, and especially reggae make Western Front the alternative club for Bostonians and Cantabrigians of color. Local jazz on Wed.

    • 343 Western Ave, Cambridge

  3. Regattabar

    Befitting its location in the sleek Charles Hotel, Regattabar offers a refined yet casual setting for watching jazz giants. Shows sell out quickly.

    • 1 Bennett St, Cambridge

    • Closed Sun–Mon

  4. Johnny D’s

    Dance to live zydeco, East Coast swing, and salsa all in one night. Davis Square’s – and arguably all of Boston’s – home for eclectic live music. Dinner served Tue–Sat.

    • 17 Holland St, Somerville

    • 617 776 2004

    • Adm

  5. Enormous Room

    The red elephant hanging outside the Central Café downstairs is the only clue that Enormous Room lies above. Hip-hop, soul, R&B, and club mixes dominate.

    • 569 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

    • Closed Sun

  6. Hong Kong

    Chinese food at ground level gives way to a bustling lounge on the second floor and a raucous comedy nightclub on the third. Tuesday night features a comic magic show.

    • 1238 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

    • Comedy club closed Sun

  7. The Field

    This modest Central Square pub is probably as Irish as Boston gets – the bartenders here draw endless pints of Guinness for a cheerful crowd.

    • 20 Prospect St, Cambridge

  8. Lizard Lounge

    Just outside Harvard Square, the Lizard Lounge attracts a young, alternative-rock and folk-loving crowd with the promise of good live music and a small cover charge.

    • 1667 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

    Lizard Lounge
  9. T. T. the Bear’s Place

    T. T.’s is a rock club in the tradition of New York’s C.B.G.B.: small, dingy, and incredibly loud. Expect to sweat, expect to leave with ringing ears, and above all, expect to rock out.

    • 10 Brookline St, Cambridge

  10. River Gods

    Eccentric decor, video game nights, and a hip crowd make this one of Boston’s more interesting nightspots. Nightly entertainment switches between DJs and live acts.

    • 125 River St, Cambridge


  1. Oleana

    Chef Ana Sortun’s mastery of exotic spices is clearly evident in Oleana’s sumptuous Middle Eastern cuisine, served in a casually elegant dining room.

    • 134 Hampshire St, Cambridge

    • 617 661 0505

    • Closed lunch daily

  2. Redbones

    Redbones’ kitchen slings some of the best barbecue north of the Carolinas, and the atmosphere could not be more emphatically, Southern if it tried.

    • 55 Chester St, Somerville

    • 617 628 2200

  3. Rendezvous

    Chef and owner Steve Johnson is a passionate champion of local produce, which he uses superbly in his creative western Mediterranean dishes at this friendly spot. Vegetarian options are always available.

    • 501 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

    • 617 576 1900

  4. Rialto

    Rialto’s list of accolades could stretch across the Charles. The kitchen performs deft twists on Mediterranean and French country cuisine.

    • Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St, Cambridge

    • 617 661 5050

    • Closed lunch

  5. Atasca

    The bold flavors of Portugal are yours for the tasting at the warmly appointed, cozy Atasca. Flavorful sautées and rustic grilled dishes are just some of its many charms.

    • 50 Hampshire St, Cambridge

    • 617 621 6991

  6. Chez Henri

    Cuba might seem an unlikely place for a French restaurant to draw inspiration, but therein lies Chez Henri’s irresistible appeal.

    • 1 Shepard St, Cambridge

    • No reservations

    • Closed lunch

  7. Upstairs on the Square

    The decor is wonderfully over-the-top and whimsical, while the menu offers fresh, contemporary, American cuisine.

    • 91 Winthrop St, Somerville

    • 617 864 1933

    Upstairs on the Square
  8. East Coast Grill

    Chef Chris Schlesinger cranks up the heat at his Pacific Rim-influenced Inman Square fish house. Sample dishes such as dry-rubbed mahi mahi and rare ahi tuna with wasabi.

    • 1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge

    • 617 491 6568

    • Closed lunch Mon–Sat

  9. Restaurant Dante

    Creative interpretations of contemporary Italian cuisine are the highlights of this riverside room at the Royal Sonesta.

    • 40 Edwin H. Land Blvd, Cambridge

    • 617 497 4200

  10. Craigie Street Bistrot

    It’s worth seeking out this tiny restaurant near Harvard Square for the true flavors of Burgundy.

    • 5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge

    • 617 497 5511

Unless otherwise specified, reservations are recommended for all the above restaurants.

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