Berlin - Around Town : Central Berlin: Around Alexanderplatz (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Shops & Markets

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A Day around Alexanderplatz


Start your day by going to Alexanderplatz where you can watch the crowds in the square and perhaps do a spot of shopping before strolling to Marienkirche. Not far from here you can chill out at Neptune Fountain and then admire the statues of Marx and Engels in the Marx-Engels-Forum. From there it is only a few steps to the Berliner Rathaus . The basement restaurant, or Ratskeller, is an excellent place for an early lunch, or you could stroll to the nearby historic Nikolaiviertel, and enjoy a meal, for example at Reinhard’s , which serves rustic fare.


Experience the historic ambience of the Nikolaiviertel by exploring on foot, if possible, its narrow alleyways. Nikolaikirche and the Knoblauchhaus are especially worth a visit. From here walk back to Alexanderplatz and – if the weather is nice – take the lift up to the viewing café in the Berliner Fernsehturm . After refreshments you can continue on foot or take the U-Bahn from Alex to Strausberger Platz to admire the products of Socialist architecture in Frankfurter Allee . On Grunerstraße you will reach the opposite bank of the Spree River, where you can immerse yourself In Berlin’s municipal history at the Märkisches Museum just around the corner. In the evening, go for a meal at Zur Gerichtslaube .

Best of the Rest

  1. Stadtgericht

    The imposing municipal courts building boasts extravagant stairs in the lobby area, with curved balustrades and elegant columns.

    • Littenstr. 13–15

    • 8am–6pm Mon–Fri

    Stairs of the Stadtgericht
  2. Franziskanerkirche

    The ruins, remnants of a 13th-century Franciscan abbey, are surrounded by lawns, making this a picturesque spot for a rest in the city centre.

    • Klosterstr. 74

  3. Stadtmauer

    A fragment of the 13th–14th-century town wall that once surrounded the twin towns of Berlin and Cölln.

    • Waisenstr.

  4. Palais Podewil

    The light yellow Baroque palace, built in 1701–4, has been transformed into Podewil, a cultural centre and one of the best places for contemporary music.

    • Klosterstr. 68

    • 11am– 10pm Mon–Sat

    • 030 24 74 96

  5. Parochialkirche

    This church, by Johann Arnold Nering and Martin Grünberg, was one of Berlin’s most charming Baroque churches, but the magnificent interior was destroyed in World War II, and the bell tower collapsed. Recently, it has become a venue for contemporary music concerts.

    • Klosterstr. 67

  6. Märkisches Ufer

    This picturesque riverside promenade gives a good impression of the city in the late 18th century.

  7. Heiliggeistkapelle

    The 13th-century hospital church is a beautiful example of Gothic brick architecture.

    • Spandauer Str. 1

  8. Ribbeckhaus

    The only Renaissance house in central Berlin, with a remarkable, lavishly ornamented façade.

    • Breite Str. 36

  9. AquaDom and Sea Life Berlin

    Discover a host of species living in our rivers, lakes and seas, and see amazing corals and tropical fish at this fascinating centre, which boasts the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world .

  10. Historic Port

    Historic barges and tugboats that once operated on the Spree River are moored here. Boat tours of the harbour can be booked.

    • Märkisches Ufer

    • Apr–Oct: 2–6pm Tue–Fri; 11am–6pm Sat, Sun

    • 030 213 80 41

Shops & Markets

  1. Galeria Kaufhof

    The largest department store in East Berlin stocks everything your heart could desire. Its food department entices customers with a range of international gourmet foods.

    • Alexanderplatz 9

    • 9:30am–8pm Mon–Wed, 9:30am–10pm Thu–Sat

    • 030 24 74 30

    Galeria Kaufhof façade
  2. Die Puppenstube

    Adorable dolls made from porcelain and other materials await window shopper and buyer alike, as do mountains of cute fluffy teddy bears.

    • Propststr. 4

    • 10am–6:30pm Mon–Sat, 11am–6pm Sun

    • 030 242 39 67

  3. Teddy’s

    An old-fashioned toy store, with probably the best selection of teddy bears in the city.

    • Propststr. 4

    • 030 247 82 44

  4. Der Teeladen

    A charming specialist tea shop opposite Nikolaikirche, full of delicious scents.

    • Propststr. 3

    • 10am–6:30pm Mon–Fri, 10am–4pm Sat

    • 030 242 32 55

  5. Good Old Germany

    Trendy not tacky souvenirs: retro and modern German classics of design, porcelain, textiles, fashion and delicacies.

    • Spandauer Str. 3

    • 10am–9pm daily

    • 030 26 36 99 41

  6. U- and S-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz

    This bustling area has a selection of shops for daily needs, plus late-opening fast food outlets and German imbisse (food stands).

    • Alexanderplatz

  7. Alexa

    This shopping mall is home to some 180 retail outlets as well as Kindercity, a children’s entertainment centre and LOXX, the world’s largest digitally operated model train display.

    • Am Alexanderplatz, Grunerstr. 20

    • 10am–9pm Mon–Sat

    • 030 269 34 00

  8. Erzgebirgischer Weihnachtsmarkt

    A vast array of stalls laden with German handicrafts including traditional wooden nutcrackers.

    • Propststr. 8

    • 11am–6pm daily

    • 030 241 12 29

  9. die mitte

    Visit this large shopping centre for flagship fashion stores Esprit and New Yorker, or multimedia at Saturn.

    • Alexanderplatz

  10. Münzstrasse

    This tiny street, just off Alexanderplatz, is full of original fashion boutiques and designer stores. A real mecca for fashion aficionados.

    • Münzstr

Die Puppenstube:

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