As one of the most prominent city in Spain, Barcelona is on the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, facing the Mediterranean. Inside the city, there is a maze of tiny medieval alleys mixed with broad avenues, two lines of tree and the fashion shops on both sides. At this place, you can watch the green palm trees adorn the peaceful beauty of the square while the towers and fountains in the spiral Gaudi-style temple (temple La Sagrada Familia) fade in the sky. The buildings in Gaudi architecture are charming with its bold beauty. It is created uniquely and sophisticatedly, this architecture is considered the pinnacle of contemporary Roman art. If you have the opportunity to visit one of these places, do not miss Casa Battlo, if having time, let's walk down the Passeig de Gracia street forward to the harbor, where you can admire the architecture art as Casa Mila (La Pedrera) and Casa Amatller designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Lluis Domenech iMontaner's Casa Lleo Morera.

Description: Bravo Barcelona

Barcelona is the city of art lovers, including a complex of art museums located in the Parc de Montjuic hill, the most notable is the 17th-century museum - Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) with famous collection of Roman art, and the Fundació Joan Miró museum with 300 masterpieces of the Romans. As one of the rare museums of contemporary art, The Museu Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) is located away among the ancient alleys like an unique feature. Music is also an essential part of the city with live music places as Razzmatazz and  concert halls such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu theater - is decorated with gold leaves, red carpets and the elaborate sculptures, or luxurious L'Auditori theater contains 2400 seats for the jazz, classical and modern music.

Although be degraded by excessive tourism, but walking around and visiting Barcelona and La Brambla are considered an indispensable pleasure. The stalls, shops, street artists, bars, restaurants highlight this famous boulevard, make this place become a great place to stroll. Flower and bird selling stall is the unique opportunity for anyone passionate in photography. Roadside coffee shops are not cheap but well worth to watch the bustle of this place.

While Catalonia's most famous restaurant is Michelin starred restaurant El Buli, then Barcelona is dining paradise with many excellent restaurants. If you want to find a luxury place for a meal, go to El Xalet restaurant, located on Montjuic mountain, next to Olympic Diving sign, food in this restaurant is impeccable, and if you are a gourmet then you will not be disappointed with the food. The desserts are not always available, so you must call them before serving appetizers. You will feel great to enjoy the special flavor of each dish.

Michelin starred Comerc 24 restaurant in Borne is another place where you can not ignore. Chef Carles Abellan knows how to blend the flavors all over the world: America, Asia, the Andalusian, Italy and of course, Catalonia. Specially, this restaurant has tapas dishes with the best-known feature in this region.

The world famous hotel-restaurant, W Barcelona is another example, it owns two branches of the most premium restaurants in the city, specializing in two different styles. Cooking style of Wave has the advantage of Spanish tapas flavor and Mediterranean, the antipasti dishes, and specialties of Arab and Lebanese. Outstanding menu with delicious and nutritious traditional Mediterranean dishes, especially seafood. Two cooking styles blend the variety of delicious food in the world, such as Mediterranean dishes eat with a bagel, beef, pasta, ..., or if you need a full nutrition meal after a drinking night or an exhausted walk , then the right choice is Club Sandwich. The new branch of The W's system will bring the cuisine to new a position. Bravo restaurant, managed by Romans chef, Carles Abellan - famous for Comerc 24 restaurant - has mixed his cooking secret, and boost The W's brand to be famous worldwide. His menu is the unity of the fresh local ingredients and the innate creativity, it still remains the most natural taste of the dish and arouses the customer’s senses. Food plays a key role and the quality is incomparable. One of the indispensable secrets is meat, fish and appetizer must be cooked on the different types of wood depending on the flavor you want to reach. If you choose the menu of the Bravo restaurant, do not forget to stop at floor 26 to enjoy after dinner cocktail - a service that is very interesting for customer to watch the beauty of Barcelona at night. That is exclusive bar Eclipse of The W's, where serves the freshest cocktails, enjoy music from the world's leading DJ, the impressive performances, and the blending of the Mediterranean space and London character. With these highlights, Eclipse has confirmed as the most stylish entertainment place in the city.

To get along with the Romans people, you should try superior locations such as Slow Barcelona or Sutton Club - where the girls dress like superstars, and the boys dash as magazine models. If you love freedom and comfort, you can select City Hall and Otto Zutz, where are large stages for the evening party. If you want a serious entertainment, you can go to Sala Becool.

With charm language, bubbly personality and a long tradition, Barcelona can help you enjoy the comfortable moments for weeks. In case you can only stay for a few days, do not forget to visit as many interesting places as good, if not, you will not know what interesting things you have missed.

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