Moreover, Aria resort also has great art features. It was designed by well-known filmmaker Pelli Clarke Pelli and became one of the most modern resorts with elegant architecture. Glass and steel mix with flowers and other natural entities. Innate sunlight and the luxurious interior stretch from the lobby to the room, from the floor to ceiling, and windows can look to the beautiful scenery. The hotel has 61 floors with over 4000 high-quality rooms. The most expensive room is SKY SUITE of AAA Diamond Award with 5 stars. It is designed luxuriously with simple interior and overlooks the city. Large Spa at Aria is separated from the main site. It is the only spa having ganbanyoku, a kind of applying hot ice to skin which is originated from Japan to help enhance blood circulation and eliminate toxins. You can also visit Shio Salt Room for skin care and regulating your breathing or relaxing on the balcony on the magical pool. Underneath green palm trees which line up neatly adorn the sauna area to make modern and fantastic landscape.

Description: Description: ARIA Sky Suites — Las Vegas, United States

ARIA Sky Suites — Las Vegas, United States

Obviously, services in Vegas are developed to meet various needs of tourists. However, if you want to enjoy your spring trip which is full of energy, go to the unique place - MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. This entertainment city was not afraid to build a fresh new image and expand their strategy with restoring all resort (though this project is still ongoing but some tourists who make a reservation will have a chance to live in restored rooms). It is one of the hugest hotels worldwide. It owns the biggest casinos in the city and has full of wine bar, restaurant and entertainment activities to make any tourist run out of money.

Description: Description: Wet Republic Of MGM Grand

Wet Republic of MGM Grand

The most expensive location in Vegas is Wet Republic of MGM Grand   modern swimming pool area has come into operation after the winter break. Club there is always exciting with famous DJs and parties with Hollywood style. If you prefer relaxing and making up, don’t forget to come to Grand Spa with special spa therapies of Zen and Cristophe Salon with the reputation of a hair salon for celebrities which will help you to have a beautiful image. Furthermore, you can see David Copperfied and Cirque Du Soleil shows every day in Garden Arena where there are always concerts of famous artists and the upcoming play is Sugar Factory. On April 1st, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club has been released again and at the end of this year, Hakkasan – famous Chinese restaurant chain run by Michelin of London will open. Dinner restaurants here become popular with AAA Diamond Award. Among them, the restaurant of French chef - Joel Robuchon was honored to be considered as the leading restaurant in the world.

With the advantage of getting along with the fashion sense of New York and Milan, fashion holics come to Vegas as an opportunity to update their wardrobe with the latest fashion products of famous designers. “Las Vegas is the only place in the world to help you buy your dream brand from top designers with the affordable price” – Janet LaFerve, marketing director of Fashion Show company with the event “The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian” and “The Shoppers at the Pallazo”. In March, Fashion Show will hold the first performance of Topshop and Topman, the first British brands in the America. Shopping center here will import more than 200 designs and 7 specialized stores. Therefore, make sure that you don’t miss a spectacular show with 80-feet stage in the center of the shopping mall and many surprising things in this fashion week. If you want to rest after hours of exhausting shopping, visit Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – a new store selling pastry in New York style and it is grilled perfectly in charcoal (characteristic secret for smoking flavor and crispy rind).

Convertible passenger cars (gondola) is considered as an ideal mean if you want to go shopping in "The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian" event - one of the shopping event that brings the colors of Italy. This international event gathers together retail stores and restaurants which provide flavor and color harmony of fashion and food among modern American with European charm. Every day, the St. Mark Square will be more eventful with roadside performances by classical artists and actors. There is also a special place, NEW PUBLIC, the first distributor in Nevada specializing in beer, you will be impressed with the sessions displayed 200 types of beer, with 24 barrels of beer taps and three barrels of beer brewing giant that are ready for customers enjoying.

In the "The Grand Cannal Shoppes" neighborhood, you'll enjoy the bustling atmosphere of another special event, The Shoppes At The Palazzo, which has been attracted many devotees of fashion through the focusing on many premium brands in the world. This busy shopping area has helped Las Vegas strengthen its position as a premier shopping destination and delivered the kind of top quality fashion. Apart from Barneys New York - the only one in Nevada, the rest are high-end designs like the Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch and Christian Louboutin. Besides that, there are also labels for famous celebrity like Puck's CUT Woftgang, Sushisamba of Joe Mendin or the TABLE 10 collection of Emeril Lagasse.

Being in harmony with the modern renaissance, Las Vegas has a collection of great hotels that can satisfy any finicky tourists along with a full of exciting fashion season this spring; it can’t be denied that the resurrection of Las Vegas after the winter break is strong. Las Vegas deserves a modern city that is always in motion, and it is perfect place for you to relax the mind and enjoy life. This year, coming to Las Vegas, you will have it all, from the gentle leisure activities to the luxury, high-class service. It has led Las Vegas – the Nevada’s desert oasis – to become a desirable tourist destination for all visitors with different interests and personalities.

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