Sheraton Udaipur creates its own brand next to a quiet lake.

A few years ago, the idea of ​ ​a new "palace hotel" at Udaipur would seem so audacious. For a city of history and affluent lifestyle, the POP roofs surely cannot compete. And Lake Palace, mobile scene of main real estate, right? Is it Genuine Heritage Royal Hotel, so who dares to bring down something like that?

However, Oberoi Udaivilas and Leela Palace have recently proved that the calculated risks can bring rewards. I think that Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa took advantage of its charm.

 Hotel Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa in Udaipur

 Hotel Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa in Udaipur

However, initially I had 2 serious reticences. First, it is not located on Pichola Lake - anchor of visual and culture of Udaipur. Second, it is not located on Pichola Lake - there is no hotel in this city can stand on an unfavorable position like that. However, since the moment I walk into the room of Sheraton Hotel and drag the curtain, I know this is not all bad. The blue color of Fateh Sagar lake - where has quieter, less tourists than Pichola Lake - overflows into my room. A permanent image, it has colored my experience at the hotel too deep so that I still struggle to remember the color of the curtain or the shape of the plank bed in a fully furnished room.

 Seeing it looks as though it is floating in the lake Pichola palace.

 Seeing it looks as though it is floating in the lake Pichola palace.

Standing higher in hospitality system, at the corner of my room, there is a spacious area, a portable closet and marble bathroom with a small window, allowing the lake view overflow into the room more. Except for the bedroom is framed by Fateh Sagar scene on both sides and by the Monsoon Palace on a west hill. In conclusion: there is a room range for summer naps to restore health or preparing for walks in the city.

Indeed, every room in Sheraton - including brand new Club Rooms - all are the epitome of modern facilities in conspicuous contrast with the door in the majestic yellow front side.

Being way from the fanfare of ancient city; however, Sheraton is closer than my imagination with the old town of Udaipur. Since it is not far from City Palace, markets and temples, there are shuttle buses to transport passengers. I also took one. Being back after the wandering trip in the city center and a day trip to the Nathdware temple town, I plopped on the chair in open terrace of the hotel. Holding the book, I observed the night carrying the aroma of copra as far as possible, through a floor and to the dark lake over there. Nehru park (similar to Jag Mandir in Pichola) soon has twinkling lights and little flames in Lebanese Grilled meat restaurant in Aangan.

the Nathdware temple

The Nathdware temple

Aangan and Club Rooms marked the beginning of what will become an official overhaul. For example, it is a step up from the Superior and Deluxe rooms, Club rooms having contemporary aesthetic principles with the convenience and confidence. The change is visible just before you swipe your room key. Dark, impressive hallway connects the rooms together as a visual notice on warm decoration of elegance of rooms. Upgrading Club room and service is something tangible to aim at more potential customers.

With a deadline of three months (from April) and new staff, when I was there, the hotel is completing some important structural and aesthetic changes, including a large dome above the lobby with Rajasthani glasses. Though what I hope to see is the living room and big parties on the roof. With the overall perspective of the lake and Aravalis, and although there are no tents and folding chairs as expected, everyone will be happy to rent rooms there to stay with the stars.

The challenge is to implement this innovation in private and quiet. Because a large number of rooms - which belong to the largest type in the city often puts pressure on wedding services and MICE tours, in this place, nailing on the wall can be like a medium marathon Game. If the secret service of the hotel is a sign, the dome may appear magically on one morning without making noise.

Besides, if this great overhaul is as good as a half of Antara - a serving all day dining room, along with Aangan and Rudra (fine dining restaurant for vegetarians), creating a small restaurant group - Udaipur Hotels lineage will not be doubt again.



Fateh Sagar lake, Ambamata, 40 minutes driving to Udaipur Airport 


240 rooms, 111 superior rooms (overlooking the garden and swimming pool), 48 deluxe rooms (overlooking the lake); 68 clubs and 4 club suites, 8 suites, 1 room for disabled people (with the last four items, the rooms may face the lake/pool/garden/hill).


$300 to $310 (superior); $320 to $330 (deluxe); $400 to $410 (club); $600 (club rooms); $500 to $540 (suites)

The summer package has starting price from $200 (double for 2 people).


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