1. T’ang Court

    The Langham Hotel completed its US$35 million upgrade in 2003, and the food at T’ang Court continues to astonish. Peerless creativity and an insistence on wok chi (wok cooking at the highest achievable temperature) are the keys to T’ang Court’s greatness.

    • 1/F, Langham Hotel, 8 Peking Road, Kowloon

    • 2375 1133ext. 2250

  2. The Verandah

    From its epic Sunday brunches, through to the speechless aplomb of its candlelit dinners, this sleek patrician of the South-side has a stately lead over the competition. The details are sheer class (when did you last have Caesar salad made, as it should be, at your tableside?) and the ambience utterly surfeited with the “wow” factor .

    The Verandah
  3. Gaddi’s

    Royalty, Hollywood stars and heads of state have dined here by the worshipful score, for in terms of French cuisine east of Suez, Gaddi’s is unquestionably the holy grail. Expect the big-budget works: from the aristocratic menu to stratospheric service levels. If you like it haute, you’ve found your heaven .

  4. Nicholini’s

    You might not foresee yourself travelling to Hong Kong in order to eat Italian, but you might for Nicholini’s. Awarded the Insegna del Romano for being the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy, Nicholini’s sits comfortably at the apex of Northern Italian cooking, each dish an essay in freshness and charm.

    • 8/F, Conrad International, Pacific Place, Admiralty

    • 2521 3838

  5. Spoon

    A special dining experience, this restaurant offers superb, modern versions of French classics, from foie gras to feuillet aux framboises, in a stunning setting with great harbour views. The vast wine list is full of surprises; simply put yourself in the hands of the experienced sommelier .

    Entrance to Spoon
  6. M at the Fringe

    The totality of M’s undeniable quirks – the mismatching cutlery, eccentric menu, the arty location (above the galleries of the Fringe Club) – come together in a riotously groovy whole. The food is Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influenced, although simply stating this does no justice to its free form improvisation of flavours. Superior stuff .

    Fringe Club
  7. One Harbour Road

    Cantonese cuisine is the most artful of Chinese provincial varieties, and One Harbour Road is among the most artful of Cantonese restaurants. Be prepared then for a dining experience of unusual refinement, set off by the Grand Hyatt’s art deco fantasies. The restaurant endlessly wins deserved praise.

    • 8/F, Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai

    • 2584 7938

    One Harbour Road
  8. The Mandarin Grill

    So moneyed, clubbish and upholstered, you could be sitting in St James’s in London. Except for the food: no London grill room could ever approximate the exemplary filets and sirloins turned out here. We are talking consummate mastery of skillet and skewer. No wonder the suits linger for hours over brandy and cigars .

    The Mandarin Grill
  9. Kung Tak Lam

    Vegetarians unable to face another helping of the slop and swill that passes for much animal-free cuisine will praise the creator for Kung Tak Lam. This light and airy Shanghainese does things with mere vegetables that could not be done, could not even be imagined, by most vegetarian restaurants elsewhere.

    • World Trade Center 1001, 208 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay

    • 2881 9966

  10. Top Deck

    Jumbo may be a floating, tourist-trap, but the top floor has been converted into a fantastic restaurant. Top Deck is a first-class seafood venue, serving everything from Boston lobster to bouillabaisse.

    Top Deck
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