Madrid - Around Town : Chueca and Malasaña (part 2) - Fashion Shops, Specialist Shops

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An Evening Shop and Bar Crawl

Start this evening walk around 5pm when the shops reopen after the siesta. Take the metro to Chueca, emerging on Plaza de Chueca, heart of Madrid’s gay quarter. Look out for Taberna del Angel Sierra , a traditional tiled bar with zinc counter and painted ceiling. From here take Calle de Gravina into Calle del Almirante. These streets are the wealthy shopper’s paradise, with designer names jockeying for position on both sides. Turn onto Calle de la Libertad, then take a right at Calle de Augusto Figueroa, famous for shoes sold at knock down prices.

Cross Calle de Hortaleza and continue to Calle de Fuencarral. Turn right here, heading for the Museo de Historia and spend a few minutes browsing in the excellent bookshop. A little further on turn left into Calle Manuela Malasaña.

Trendy Malasaña is full of enticing restaurants and tapas bars so make a mental note of anywhere that takes your fancy for later. Turn left into Calle de San Andrés, passing Molly Malone’s Pub, then cross Plaza del Dos de Mayo. If you’ve worked up a thirst, the bistro-bar El 2D at No. 25 will fit the bill. Continue along Calle de San Andrés to Calle de San Vicente Ferrer. Return for dinner at your chosen tapas bar, then head for home on Calle de San Vicente Ferrer for the metro at Tribunal, or head off for a night on the tiles.

Fashion Shops

  1. Camper

    For internationally acclaimed, comfortable and casual footwear, head to Camper, which stocks a selection of shoes produced in Mallorca.

    • Fuencarral 42 (Cnr Augusto Figueroa)

  2. Hand

    The acronym for “have a nice day”, Hand is French-run and specializes in beautiful, well-made clothes from French, Danish and English designers.

    • Calle Hortaleza 26

  3. Piamonte

    At Piamonte you can find handbags for any kind of special occasion, and have them made to order. There’s also a similarly striking range of scarves, belts and jewellery.

    • Calle de Piamonte 16

  4. Momo

    This lovely boutique stocks everything from casual outfits, to smarter, evening ensembles from a range of worldwide designers.

    • Calle Almirante 8

  5. Custo Barcelona

    Set up by Custo and David Dalmau in the early 1980s, this fashion house is inspired by the colours and patterns of California. The shop has plenty of pretty dresses and coats for women, while style-conscious men will love the graphic t-shirts and tailored jackets.

    • Calle de Fuencarral 29

  6. L’Habilleur

    At l’Habilleur you can pick up last season’s designer clothes at a fraction of the original prices.

    • Plaza de Chueca 8

  7. Maje

    Cool, French fashion is available at Maje. Catering for stylish ladies, there is a huge variety of smart dresses, tops, trousers and knitwear to browse through. The shop also stocks some shoes.

    • Calle Conde de Xiquena 7

  8. Jesús del Pozo

    One of the most respected Spanish designers, del Pozo first broke away from the mainstream in the 1970s and has never looked back. Sophisticated women’s fashions and prêt-à-porter; also sells his own brand of perfume.

    • Calle del Almirante 9

  9. Farina & Amuzara

    Beautiful hand crafted gems, made on the premises from natural stones such as amber and amethyst. Range of styles, and you can design your own piece if you wish.

    • Calle de Conde de Xiquena 12

  10. Alcoba

    Small outlet selling a lovely range of glitzy evening wear, with sequinned bags, scarves and other accessories. Also candles, picture frames and costume jewellery.

    • Calle de Argensola 2


Specialist Shops

  1. Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero

    Spain produces more olive oil than any other country, and this supplier stocks the finest Extra Virgin. Also look for the DO (denominación de origen) quality control on the label .

    • Calle de Mejía Lequerica 1

    Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero
  2. Niza

    This 19th-century confectioners has retained its stuccoed ceiling, marble topped counter and wooden fittings. Sells mouth watering cakes pastries and biscuits, as well as a range of sweets.

    • Calle de Argensola 24

  3. Reserva y Cata

    Take care not to overlook this basement wine merchants with its excellent selection of Spanish wines and liqueurs. Tastings also on offer.

    • Calle de Conde de Xiquena 13

  4. Expresión Negra

    African arts and crafts including woven baskets, rugs and colourful patchwork quilts. Also recycled drink cans, ingeniously transformed into CD racks, boxes, briefcases and other useful items.

    • Calle de Piamonte 15

  5. Kantharos

    Selection of stylish gifts including pocket as well as wrist watches, key rings, jewellery, ink wells etc.

    • Divino Pastor 6

  6. Kukla

    Your kids will love this charming shop, which sells a fantastic assortment of clothes, toys and games for children up to nine-years-old.

    • Calle San Marcos 38

  7. Almirante 23

    If it’s collectable, they collect it – postcards, perfume containers, tobacco tins, cameras, sunglasses, cinema programmers, menus, cigarette cards, the lot. You will find it difficult to drag yourself away.

    • Calle del Almirante 23

  8. Plaisir Gourmet

    A French-run labyrinthine paradise for gourmets seeking top quality Spanish olive oils, wines, herbs, spices, condiments and other goodies from around the world.

    • Calle Gravina 1

  9. Iñaki Sampedro

    This artisan makes exclusive hand painted, leather handbags. Original jewellery made by Minorcan craftsmen is also sold here. Note the shop lamp, one of Sampedro’s own creations.

    • Conde de Xiquena 13

  10. Alice in Wonderland

    For some serious pampering, head to this wonderland of indulgence. This friendly, retro, basement shop also offers manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments.

    • Calle Tamayo y Baus 5

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