Munich's Top 10 : Munich – the Bavarian Hollywood - Top 10 Munich Filmmakers

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  1. Geiselgasteig & Bavaria Filmstadt

    Second only to Berlin’s film industry, Geiselgasteig has been a centre for film since 1910. Major productions have been shot here well into the modern era, including Petersen’s Das Boot, and films by Bergman and Fassbinder. Today, Bavaria Filmstadt presents screenings and live shows on the back lot.

    • Geiselgasteig, Bavariafilmplatz 7

    • 089 64 99 23 04

    • mid-Mar–Oct: 9am–4pm; Nov–Feb: 10am–3pm daily


  2. Filmfest München

    Since 1983, the largest German public film festival has been screening the latest international films at the end of June. Movie buffs love the Indies event, a series on independent American film. Gasteig is the festival centre, and screenings are held at various cinemas throughout the city. An offshoot of the film festival, the International Festival of Film Academies is in November.

  3. Academy for Television and Film

    A training ground for film professionals since 1967, the academy’s famous graduates include Wim Wenders and Roland Emmerich. Regular film screenings are held in the academy’s in-house cinema.

  4. Münchner Filmmuseum im Stadtmuseum

    This dream theatre for cinephiles has been newly renovated and equipped with the latest projection technology for all movie formats. For 40 years, it has been showing foreign films, series, films from the museum’s archives, and famous silent-film reconstructions, often with live music.

    • St-Jakobs-Platz 1

    • 089 23 32 23 48

    • wheelchair accessible

  5. International Documentary Film Festival

    May is the month of documentary film in Munich. The programme includes documentary, topical, and Bavarian films, forum discussions with filmmakers, and a best-of-programme event.

  6. Fantasy Filmfest

    A penchant for the eerie and gruesome is a prerequisite for this festival of horror films and thrillers, held in July and August.

  7. Mathäser

    Munich’s former film palace was re-opened in 2003. This ultra-modern multiplex cinema is also used for film premieres.

    • Bayerstr. 5

    • 089 51 56 51

    • wheelchair accessible

  8. Arri Kino

    Designed by Arnold & Richter, this is a cinema rich in tradition, with a large lobby and bar.

    • Türkenstr. 91

    • 089 38 89 96 64

    • not wheelchair accessible

  9. Maxim

    This discriminating cinema is operated by Munich cinephile Sigi Daiber. It screens independent films and documentaries, including films by Tarkovsky.

    • Landshuter Allee 33

    • 089 16 87 21

    • wheelchair accessible

  10. Werkstattkino

    This cinema, tucked away in the basement of a rear courtyard building is dedicated to films beyond the mainstream.

    • Fraunhoferstr. 9

    • 089 2 60 72 50

    • not wheelchair accessible

Top 10 Munich Filmmakers

  1. Percy Adlon

    Adlon (1935–) worked in Hollywood following the success of Out of Rosenheim.

  2. Herbert Achternbusch

    Born in Munich, Achternbusch (1938–) creates anarchic Bavarian films in the tradition of Karl Valentin.

  3. Michael Verhoeven

    Verhoeven (1938–) belongs to a prominent, talented family of actors and directors, and is married to actress Senta Berger.

  4. Joseph Vilsmaier

    Successful director (1939–) of biopics, among others the 1997 Comedian Harmonists.

  5. Helmut Dietl

    Dietl (1944–) portrayed the Munich scene in TV series such as Monaco Franze (1983) and Kir Royal (1985).

  6. Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    Famous prodigy of the New German Cinema, Fassbinder (1945–82) directed more than 40 films.

  7. May Spils

    With the 1967 Zur Sache Schätzchen (What Gives, Sweet­heart?), starring Werner Enke and Uschi Glas, Spils created the film that captured the spirit of Schwabing in the 1960s.

  8. Doris Dörrie

    Director and author Dörrie (1955–) became known for her 1985 film Männer (Men).

  9. Caroline Link

    In 2002, Link (1964–) won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film for Nirgendwo in Afrika.

  10. Florian Gallenberger

    Gallenberger (1972–), who was born in Munich, received an Oscar in 2001 for his short film Quiero ser.

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