1. Hofbräuhaus

    Anyone visiting Munich should make the pilgrimage to this venerable beer hall – symbolic of all Bavarian pubs and the most famous pub in the world. Locals, too, simply can’t stay away. Brass bands play daily at noon and again after 6pm.

  2. Augustinerbräu

    Here in this historic building, thirsty travellers will find a beer hall and a restaurant with spectacular decor (including the Muschelsaal, a shell-lined room). The fare is typically Bavarian, the beverage, the famous Augustiner beer. In summer, choose between a table on the patio in the pedestrian zone, or in the stunningly beautiful Arkadenhof to the rear.

  3. Löwenbräukeller

    Stiglmairplatz, a busy square not far from the city centre, is dominated by this historic 1883 building. It has a beautiful pub, several halls, a ballroom, and a large beer garden . In March, the pub hosts the tapping of the first Triumphator barrel, ringing in the “fifth season” – the bock beer season. The stone lion perched above the entrance is the symbol of the Löwenbräu brewery.

    Löwenbräukeller, Stiglmairplatz
  4. Weißes Bräuhaus

    Here you’ll sample Munich cuisine prepared to perfection: Pfannkuchensuppe (clear broth with pancake strips), G’schwollene (fried veal sausage), Schweinsbraten (pork roast). The meals are inexpensive, and experienced staff are renowned for keeping up with the onslaught of orders from clamouring customers. A wheat ale is the most common brew served here; or try a pint of delicious Schneider Weiße.

  5. Nockherberg

    In 1999, this traditional beer haven high above the Isar burned to the ground. Since 2003, however, politicians have once again gathered in the reconstructed Paulaner pub for the annual Salvator beer tapping. When this star-studded event has ended, “ordinary” patrons flock to the pub on the mountain for a taste of dark bock beer, which has an 18 per cent alcohol content.

  6. Beim Sedlmayr

    This rustic pub, serving traditional Bavarian cuisine, was founded by the popular Bavarian comedian Walter Sedlmayr.

    • Westenriederstr. 14

    • 089 22 62 19

  7. Franziskaner Fuchsenstuben

    Known for dishing up the best Weißwürste (veal sausages) and Leberkäse (minced meat loaf) in the city, this pub has been in business for 200 years.

    • Perusastr. 5

    • 089 23 18 12 10

  8. Augustinerbräustuben

    Come to this pub during the Oktoberfest to admire the draught horses, and true Bavarian ambience in the former beer cellars and horse stalls of the brewery.

    • Landsberger Str. 19

    • 089 50 70 47

  9. Fraunhofer

    This authentic pub has an interior from the turn of the 19th century. Frequented by students and big in the alternative scene, the pub features a cabaret stage in the rear courtyard.

    • Fraunhoferstr. 9

    • 089 26 64 60

  10. Paulaner Bräuhaus

    Extremely cosy pub thanks to the reconstructed dark-wood interior and fittings. On tap is the homebrew of the traditional Paulaner brewery. Venison is a highlight of the menu.

    • Kapuzinerplatz 5

    • 089 5 44 61 10

Top 10 Munich Beers

  1. Augustiner

    Brewed since 1328 in the monastery near the cathedral, Augustiner is widely regarded as the champagne of beers.

  2. Franziskaner Weißbier

    Franciscan friars have brewed this beer since 1363 in the former monastery on Residenzstraße. Now part of the Spaten-Löwenbräu Group.

  3. Paulaner

    Pauline monks in the Au began to brew beer as far back as 1634. Salvator beer is still made using monk Barnabas Still’s 18th-century recipe.

  4. Löwenbräu

    Traditional brew with a history going back to the 14th century. Since the 19th century, the brewery has been the largest in Munich.

  5. Hofbräu

    Duke Wilhelm V founded his own court brewery in 1589. A new fermenting site was set up on Platzl in 1607 (today Hofbräuhaus).

  6. Spaten

    Dating from the 14th century, the brewery is named after the 16th-century Spatt family.

  7. Unertl Weißbier

    To some, Unertl from Haag in Upper Bavaria is the Weißbier par excellence.

  8. Erdinger Weißbier

    High on the scale among the nearly 1,000 different types of Bavarian wheat beers.

  9. Ayinger

    A small village brewery in Aying, home of a dozen world-famous beers.

  10. Andechser

    Beer has been brewed at this Benedictine abbey on the “sacred mountain” since the Middle Ages.

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