New York - Around Town : Lower Manhattan (part 2) - Outdoor Sculptures

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A Day Exploring Lower Manhattan


Begin at Battery Park for a view of the waterfront, and look into Castle Clinton , an 1807 fort, to see dioramas of a changing New York. Then visit the Museum of the American Indian at the U.S. Custom House. Cross to Bowling Green, the city’s first park, then turn right on Whitehall, and left on Pearl Street for the Fraunces Tavern Museum, a restoration of the 1719 building where George Washington bade farewell to his troops.

Head up Broad Street to Wall Street to the New York Stock Exchange, where there is chaos on the trading floor. Close by is Federal Hall , where the country’s first president took his oath of office. Steak is a Financial District specialty, so stop for lunch at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse , on Broad Street and Exchange Place.


Continue uptown on Nassau Street (a continuation of Broad Street) to see Chase Plaza and its famous sculptures. At the end of the Plaza on Liberty Street is the ornate Federal Reserve Bank and then Louise Nevelson Square, featuring the artist’s Shadows and Flags.

Go back on Liberty and turn downtown on Broadway to find Trinity Church and the Charging Bull. End the day with dinner at the Ritz-Carlton’s restaurant, 2 West @ Battery Park Place (see 2 West).

Outdoor Sculptures

  1. The Immigrants

    Reflecting the diversity of newcomers to the U.S. from 1855–90, Luis Sanguino’s 1973 work includes an African, a Jew, a family, a priest, and a worker.

    • Battery Park

  2. Giovanni da Verrazzano

    The first European to sail into New York Harbor in 1524 was honored by fellow Italians with this 1909 statue by Ettore Ximenes.

    • Battery Park

  3. The Four Continents

    Sculptor Daniel Chester French reflects 18th-century U.S. views – meditative Asia and exotic Africa to the sides, regal Europe and a dynamic U.S. in the center.

    • U.S. Custom House, 1 Bowling Green

    The Four Continents
  4. Shadows and Flags

    Louise Nevelson’s 1977 figures enliven the traffic island they inhabit. The largest is rooted to the ground, others are on stilts.

    • Between Maiden Lane, William, & Liberty Sts

  5. Sunken Garden

    The spray from a central fountain covers the floor of the recessed circular garden. Isamu Noguchi’s 1960s work suggests rocks rising from the sea.

    • Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza, between Nassau & Liberty Sts

  6. Group of Four Trees

    Jean Dubuffet’s 1972 mushroom-like sculptures hover over pedestrians nearby and bring a reason to smile in this busy area.

    • 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, between Nassau & Liberty Sts

    Group of Four Trees
  7. George Washington

    Designed and cast in 1883, a bronze Washington on a massive granite pedestal lifts his hand from the Bible after being sworn in.

    • Federal Hall National Memorial, 26 Wall St

  8. Red Cube

    Isamu Noguchi’s 1967 red, 28-ft (9-m) high, metal cube balances on a corner defying gravity.

    • Marine Midland Plaza, 140 Broadway

  9. Double Check

    The briefcase of J. Seward Johnson, Jr.’s 1982 seated bronze figure contains a stapler, calculator, and an occasional sandwich provided by a passerby.

    • Liberty Plaza, between Broadway & Church St

  10. Yu Yu Yang Sculpture

    This untitled sculpture by artist Yu Yu Yang creates intriguing patterns with an L-shaped steel slab pierced by a circular disk.

    • Orient Overseas Building, 88 Pine St

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