Paris - Around Town : Chaillot Quarter (part 2) - Graves in Cimetière de Passy, Places to Eat

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A Day in Chaillot


It would be hard to imagine a better start to a day in Paris than going to the Palais de Chaillot and seeing the perfect view it has across the Seine to the Eiffel Tower . Then tour the fascinating collections of the Cité de l’Architecture and, if marine history is your thing, the Musée de la Marine , both in the palace. Outside the palace, take a break in the Café du Trocadéro (

8 pl du Trocadéro
01 44 05 37 00) and watch the comings and goings in the square.

Afterwards, head along rue Benjamin Franklin and rue Raynouard, where you will find first the Musée du Vin and the Maison de Balzac. Walk to the far side of the Maison de Radio France building for a brunch or lunch at Zebra Square .


Revived, walk back along the Seine towards the Palais de Chaillot, and head up to the place d’Iéna to the recently refurbished and much improved Musée National des Arts Asiatiques Guimet for its spectacular Eastern artworks.

By now you will definitely be in need of a rest, so return to the place du Trocadéro for a coffee at the Café Kléber No. 4 (01 47 27 86 65). End the day in the peaceful Cimetière de Passy before an unforgettable dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower at the stylish Café de l’Homme .

Graves in Cimetière de Passy

  1. Edouard Manet

    Born in Paris in 1832, Manet became the most notorious artist in the city when works such as Olympia and Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe were first exhibited. He died in Paris in 1883.

    Manet bust
  2. Claude Debussy

    The French composer (1862–1918) achieved fame through works such as Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un Faune and La Mer, and was regarded as the musical equivalent of the Impressionist painters.

    Debussy’s grave
  3. Berthe Morisot

    The French Impressionist artist was born in Paris in 1841, posed for Edouard Manet and later married his lawyer brother Eugène. She never achieved the fame of the male Impressionists and died in Paris in 1895.

  4. Fernandel

    The lugubrious French film actor known as Fernandel was born in Marseille in 1903 and made more than 100 films in a career that lasted from 1930 until his death in Paris in 1971.

    Fernandel’s grave
  5. Marie Bashkirtseff

    This Russian artist became more renowned as a diarist after her death from tuberculosis in 1884. Despite living for only 24 years she produced 84 volumes of diaries and their posthumous publication created a sensation due to their intimate nature.

  6. Henri Farman

    The French aviator was born in Paris in 1874 and died here in 1958. He was the first man to make a circular 1-km (0.5-mile) flight, and the first to fly cross-country in Europe. His gravestone shows him at the controls of a primitive plane.

  7. Antoine Cierplikowski

    The grave of this fairly obscure artist of the 1920s attracts attention because of its immensely powerful sculpture of a man and woman joined together and seeming to soar from the grave to the heavens.

  8. Comte Emanuel de las Cases

    Born in 1766, this historian and friend of Napoleon shared the emperor’s exile on the island of St Helena and recorded his memoirs. The Comte himself died in Paris in 1842.

  9. Gabriel Fauré

    The French composer, probably best known today for his Requiem, was a great influence on the music of his time. He died in Paris in 1924, at the age of 79.

  10. Octave Mirbeau

    The satirical French novelist and playwright was also an outspoken journalist. Born in 1848, he died in Cheverchemont in 1917 and his body was brought to Passy for burial.


For more information see Cimetière de Passy.

Places to Eat

  1. Le Relais du Parc

    The fixed-price lunch menu is a bargain, offering the cuisine of superchefs Alain Ducasse and Romain Corbière.

    • 59 ave Raymond Poincaré, 75016

    • 01 44 05 66 66

    • Closed Sat L, Sun–Mon

    Le Relais du Parc
  2. La Table de Babette

    This high-class West Indian restaurant is run by star chef Babette de Rozières. Expect exotic dishes such as stuffed crab with chilies and bananas flambéed in rum.

    • 32 rue de Longchamp, 75016

    • 01 45 53 00 07

    • Closed Sat L, Sun, Aug

  3. Café de l’Homme

    Ultra-cool, stylish restaurant serving inventive, fusion cuisine at the top of the Palais de Chaillot.

    • Musée de l’Homme, 7 place du Trocadero, 75016

    • 01 44 05 30 15

    Café de l’Homme
  4. L’Astrance

    Pascal Barbot serves fusion food at its best. Book at least one month in advance.

    • 4 rue Beethoven 75116

    • 01 40 50 84 40

    • Closed Sat & Mon

    • No disabled access

  5. Maison Prunier

    Fish dishes reign at this restaurant with 1930s decor.

    • 16 ave Victor-Hugo, 75016

    • 01 44 17 35 85

    • Closed Sun, end Jul–end Aug

    • No disabled access

  6. Le Scheffer

    Superb food, friendly, and reasonable prices, so book ahead. Try the red mullet Provençale.

    • 22 rue Scheffer, 75016

    • 01 47 27 81 11

    • Closed Sat, Sun, Jul–Aug

  7. Le Petit Rétro

    Cosy atmosphere in this 1900s bistro and affordable prices. Blanquette de Veau is delicious.

    • 5 rue Mesnil, 75016

    • 01 44 05 06 05

    • Closed Sat L, Sun, Aug

    • No disabled access

  8. Le Bistrot des Vignes

    Unpretentious little bistro of the type everyone hopes to find in Paris.

    • 1 rue Jean-Bologne, 75016

    • 01 45 27 76 64

    • Closed Sun

    • No disabled access

  9. La Table Lauriston

    Serge Barbey believes in the best ingredients prepared simply. La Table Lauriston is a hit with local gourmets who tuck into his gargantuan steak and rum-doused baba in the jewel-toned dining room.

    • 129 rue Lauriston, 75116

    • 01 47 27 00 07

    • Closed Sun, Sat L

  10. Zebra Square

    This is a media hang-out as it’s next to France’s public service radio network. Weekend brunches are popular.

    • 3 pl Clément-Ader, 75016

    • 01 44 14 91 91

Unless otherwise stated, all restaurants accept credit cards and serve vegetarian meals

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