Rome - Around Town : Around Piazza Navona (part 3) - Antiques Shops,Chic Cafés and Bars

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Antiques Shops

  1. Antica Cappelleria Troncarelli

    Don’t be fooled by the tiny size of this shop – it is still one of the best haberdashers in Rome, established in 1857.

    • Via della Cuccagna 15

    Antiques shop, Via dei Coronari
  2. Ai Monasteri

    Monasteries from all across Italy supply their homemade honey, liqueurs, beauty products, elixirs and other products to this shop.

    • Corso Rinascimento 72

    Ai Monasteri
  3. Antiqua Domus

    Bring some of Rome’s elegance into your own home. This sizeable showroom has mostly 18th- and 19th-century furnishings on sale; some nice Empire pieces are particularly worth a look.

    • Via dei Coronari 39

  4. Gea Arte Antica

    Own your own piece of ancient Rome. Choose from a range of objects, from simple oil lamps to exquisite painted vases.

    • Via dei Coronari 233A

  5. Massimo Maria Melis

    This unique jewellery studio wraps 21-carat gold around coins, glass and stones preserved from the Etruscan, Roman and medieval eras.

    • Via dell’Orso 57

  6. Galleria Il Colibri

    Small but worthy gallery presenting group and solo shows of contemporary painters, as well as historic posters and other types of art media.

    • Via dell’Orso 92

  7. Dott. Sergio de Sanctis

    Exclusively Italian antiques, mostly elegant 18th- to early 20th-century furnishings and gilt-framed mirrors.

    • Via dei Coronari 218–19

  8. L’Art Nouveau

    Antiques shop devoted to Art Nouveau and Liberty style furnishings, lamps, objets d’art and chinoiserie silk tapestries and gowns.

    • Via dei Coronari 221

  9. Calzoleria Petrocchi

    Bruno Ridolfi keeps alive the high fashion, excellent quality, made-to-measure cobbler traditions of his uncle Tito Petrocchi, who regularly shod glamorous stars of stage and screen in the “dolce vita” heyday of the 1950s and 1960s.

    • Via dell’Orso 25

  10. Nardecchia

    Prints, old photographs and watercolours are on sale here, from Piranesi originals to 20th-century works.

    • Piazza Navona 25

Chic Cafés and Bars

  1. Tre Scalini

    This historic café, right on Piazza Navona, is renowned for its delectable chocolate home­made tartufo ice cream ball .

    • Piazza Navona 28

    Tre Scalini
  2. Jonathan’s Angels

    Perhaps Rome’s most unique and kitsch nightspot, which should be seen to be believed. Run by a former circus acrobat, it is eccentrically decorated, with a piano bar, tables out on the narrow alley strung with fairy lights, and the occasional impromptu floor show.

    • Via della Fossa 16

  3. Abbey Theatre Irish Pub

    Comfortable, cosy Guinness pub, pleasantly removed from the hubbub of the nightlife core that has recently sprouted down the road. Basic snacks are also served and there’s an Internet terminal.

    • Via del Governo Vecchio 51–53

    Abbey Theatre Irish Pub
  4. Cul de Sac

    One of Rome’s oldest wine bars, with lots of labels on offer. A bit of a squeeze inside and out, but a better option than the near­by bars of the Piazza Navona.

    • Piazza Paquino 73

  5. Bull Dog Pub

    American style bar positively hopping nightly with plenty of lively young students both foreign and Italian

    • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 107

  6. Bloom

    The former Clochard nightclub was reborn in 2001 as a jazzy modern bar, with a sushi restaurant upstairs – a rare find in Rome.

    • Via del Teatro Pace 30

  7. Bramante

    Café/bar with a quirky elegance amid a sea of pubs. Light dishes are served to a chic young crowd.

    • Via della Pace 25

  8. Bar del Fico

    An alternative, chic hangout in the shade of the legendary fig tree in a tiny square, where you can sit inside or out and enjoy a morning cappuccino or a very late liqueur.

    • Piazza del Fico

  9. La Botticella

    Small, always crowded birreria (beerhouse) with some tables outside, in the heart of the area’s nightlife action. Devil’s Kiss and Castlemaine XXXX beer are on tap.

    • Via di Tor Millina 32

  10. Old Bear

    Eclectic but good food accompanies a wide range of beers here, with live music played in the basement.

    • Via dei Gigli d’Oro 2–4

Places to Eat

  1. Da Francesco

    An abundant appetiser buffet offering hand-cut prosciutto, fresh seafood salads and many vegetarian options.

    • Piazza del Fico 29

    • 06 686 4009

    • Closed Tue; closed Aug: Mon, Tue and at lunch

    • DA

  2. Terra di Siena

    One of the best Tuscan restaurants in Rome. The family imports ingredients and classic seasonal recipes from the farmers around their hometown near Siena.

    • Piazza Pasquino 77–8

    • 06 6830 7704

    • Closed Sun

  3. Lilli

    An ex-footballer runs this ultra-traditional restaurant hidden away in a cul-de-sac next to the riverside boulevard. If you are looking for a true taste of Rome’s cuisine, the recipes don’t get more Roman than this.

    • Via Tor di Nona 23

    • 06 686 1916

    • Closed Sun

  4. Il Convivio

    For a special night out. One of the historic centre’s best restaurants, with strictly seasonal cuisine based on Italian traditions and an excellent wine list.

    • Vicolo dei Soldati 28

    • 06 686 9432

    • Closed Sun

  5. Insalata Ricca 2

    Rome’s mini-chain of vegetarian-orientated eateries. Inventive salads are the mainstay, although they also offer good pasta dishes. Seating outdoors.

    • Piazza Pasquino 72

    • 06 6830 7881

  6. Pizzeria La Montecarlo

    The offspring of Baffetto’s owners run this joint. Has less ambience than its famous parent, but benefits from shorter queues .

    • Vicolo Savelli 12

    • 06 686 1877

    • Closed Mon

  7. Tre Archi

    A local trattoria with two small rooms and a famed Roman set menu.

    • Via dei Coronari 233

    • 06 686 5890

    • Closed Sun

  8. Fraterna Domus

    Communal dining in a hospice run by nuns. The set menu offers soup or pasta, a meat course and salad and fruit for dessert.

    • Via di Monte Brianzo 62

    • 06 6880 5475

    • Closed Thu

  9. Zio Ciro

    This pizzeria is popular for its al fresco dining and the chance to order large pizzas with two or three different toppings.

    • Via della Pace 1

    • 06 686 4802

  10. Antica Taverna

    The owners of this taverna get the goat’s milk ricotta and rabbit from their hometown in the Sabine Hills.

    • Via Monte Giordano 12

    • 06 6880 1053

    • Closed Tue

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