1. Via dei Condotti

    The chicest shops are here, where all the biggest names in haute couture have staked out their turf: Gucci, Bulgari, Prada, Hermès, Ferragamo, Armani, Trussardi, Valentino and more. It’s a foregone conclusion that this street offers no bargains, but the staff will make you feel like visiting royalty .

    Via dei Condotti
  2. Via del Corso

    Up and down Rome’s central axis street, more commonly known as the Corso, you’ll find the entire range of shopping options. Music stores and trendy young styles predominate. There are also good shoe shops.

  3. Via Cola di Rienzo

    This is Rome’s best street for middle-range clothing. In addition, one of the few remaining Standa department stores is here, featuring inexpensive merchandise of all types. For hard-to-find international and traditional food items, Castroni is the city’s best shop.

  4. Via Borgognona

    The other major street for top-name fashion, second only and parallel to Via dei Condotti. Here’s where Dolce e Gabbana, Fendi, Ferrè, Givenchy and Versace have all set up shop. Don’t omit nearby Piazza di Spagna, which is home to Fendi, Missoni and Krizia .

  5. Via dei Coronari

    Named for the rosary makers and sellers that used to line the way when it was on the main pilgrimage route to St Peter’s, this street now has a reputation for antiques. Only partly deserved, however, since prices are generally exaggerated and most pieces are imported .

  6. Via del Babuino

    An imposing blend of high fashion (Armani, Chanel, Tiffany & Co.) and antiques make this street one of Rome’s most elegant. Worth a stroll just to peek into some of the finer antiques shops – they’re full of Baroque furniture, paintings and antiquities .

    Glassware, Via del Babuino

  7. Via Margutta

    A wonderful range of art, antiques and antiquities shops has made this little street famous. Nos. 45 and 86 often have stunning merchandise for sale, whereas No. 109 specializes in more affordable copies of antiquities .

    Antiques shop, Via Margutta
  8. Via Bocca di Leone

    One of the side streets that joins Via dei Condotti and Via Borgognona, in the heart of Rome’s haute couture shopping area, has several high-style boutiques including Valentino and Gianni Versace.

  9. Via Nazionale

    A solidly mid-range shopping experience, lined with shoe and clothing boutiques, Oriental rug stores, an international bookshop and a reliable bag and luggage emporium. Frette, with its elegant range of bed linen, also has an outlet here.

  10. Via dei Giubbonari

    Named for the traditional giubbotti (jackets) whose makers and sellers used to populate this street, Via dei Giubbonari is still noted for its stylish clothing and down-to-earth prices. Sports­wear, shoes, trendy styles and classics for men and women are all available here .

Top 10 Markets

  1. Porta Portese

    Rome’s mammoth flea market, for genuine and fake antiques, memorabilia, art, clothing, plants and more. Sunday morning.

    • Via Ippolito Nievo

  2. Campo de’ Fiori

    Rome’s famous outdoor fruit, vegetable and fish market in one of the most authentic medieval squares.

  3. Via Mamiani

    Rome’s largest market for the freshest meat and fish, as well as clothing and housewares. Monday to Saturday mornings .

  4. Via Sannio

    Vintage clothing and designer fakes. Weekday mornings and Saturday .

  5. Antique Print Market

    Antique and reproduction prints. Monday to Saturday mornings.

    • Largo della Fontanella di Borghese

  6. Piazza Testaccio

    A covered market with lavish displays of nature’s bounty. Monday to Saturday mornings.

  7. Via Trionfale Flower Market

    Fresh cut flowers and all sorts of plants at bargain prices. Tuesday morning.

  8. Parcheggio Borghese

    Flea market specializing in children’s goods. First weekend of month, Oct–Jun.

    • Via Francesco Crispi 96

  9. Piazza San Cosimato

    Trastevere’s lively fruit and vegetable market. Monday to Saturday mornings.

  10. Quattro Coronati

    Quaint produce market. Monday to Saturday mornings.

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