1. Lincoln Memorial

    The majestic monument to the president who preserved America’s unity and began the long process of ending slavery is built in the form of a Greek temple. Daniel Chester French designed the enormous statue of a seated Abraham Lincoln in 1915, and it is among America’s most inspiring sites, especially for its association with African-Americans’ struggle for equality and opportunity .

    Lincoln Memorial
  2. Washington Monument

    This spire is the dominant feature on the city skyline, 555 ft (170 m) high and gleaming in its marble cladding. One of the tallest freestanding masonry constructions in the world, built between 1848 and 1884, it offers stunning views from the observation platform .

  3. Jefferson Memorial

    One of Jefferson’s favorite Classical designs, the Pantheon in Rome, inspired this graceful monument. Dedicated in 1943 on the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s birth, it houses a 19-ft (6-m) bronze statue of the president by Rudolph Evans. It is especially enchanting when floodlit at night .

    Jefferson Memorial
  4. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

    This popular memorial has four outdoor rooms, representing Roosevelt’s four terms as president. Each is a composition of statues, water, plants, and engraved quotations of the president. The memorial has provided a focus for activists for disabled citizens – Roosevelt was partially paralyzed by polio.

    Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial
  5. Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

    This simple structure – a V-shaped black granite wall on which are carved the names of those who died in this divisive war – has moved millions of visitors. The memorial, built in 1982, is the work of Maya Lin, at the time a 21-year-old architecture student at Yale .

  6. Korean War Veterans Memorial

    Nineteen exhausted foot soldiers plod forward, determined on their goal. These 7-ft (2-m) steel statues are the dominant element in a memorial to the Americans who died in the UN’s “police action” in Korea. A wall is etched with faces of actual soldiers. A circular pool invites quiet reflection .

  7. Iwo Jima Statue (Marine Corps Memorial)

    Marines struggling to erect the Stars and Stripes on a ridge at Iwo Jima serves as a memorial to all marines who have fought for their country. The Pacific island saw fierce fighting, resulting in 7,000 American deaths, during World War II.

    • George Washington Parkway (I-66, exit 75), Arlington, VA

    • Free

    • Dis. access

    Iwo Jima Statue (Marine Corps Memorial)
  8. World War II Memorial

    This 7.5-acre memorial, built to honor US veteran soldiers and civilians of World War II, includes commemorative columns, a Freedom Wall, landscaping, and fountains.

    National Mall

    • Free

    • Dis. access

  9. African-American Civil War Memorial

    “The Spirit of Freedom,” a 1996 sculpture by Ed Hamilton, depicts African-American Union soldiers facing the enemies.

    • U & Vermont Sts NW

    • Free

    • Dis. access

  10. US Navy Memorial

    The fountains that surround this plaza contain recirculated water from all the seven seas. Flagstaffs suggest the rigging of a tall ship .

    US Navy Memorial

Top 10 Statues

  1. Abraham Lincoln

    The marble vision dominates Lincoln’s memorial.

  2. Neptune Fountain

    Roland Hinton Perry created this grouping at the Library of Congress .

  3. Albert Einstein

    This 1979 bronze by Robert Berks shows the great thinker in front of the National Academy of Sciences.

    • 2101 Constitution Ave NW

  4. Benjamin Franklin

    Jacques Jouvenal’s statue at the Old Post Office honors Franklin’s creation of the US Postal Service.

    • Pennsylvania Ave & 12th St NW

  5. First Division Monument

    A shining tribute to the First Infantry Division of World War I.

    • State Place & 17th St NW

  6. Andrew Jackson

    This heroic equestrian statue was created by Clark Mills in 1853.

    • H Street & 16th St NW

  7. Winston Churchill

    A 1966 sculpture by William M McVey symbolizes the friendship between Britain and the US .

  8. Grant Memorial

    This magnificent grouping took Henry Merwin Shrady 20 years to complete .

  9. Theodore Roosevelt

    Paul Manship’s work shows the president gesticulating to his listeners.

    Roosevelt Island

  10. Joan of Arc

    This 1922 work was a gift from the women of France to the women of the US.

    Meridian Hill Park

    • Florida Ave & 16th St NW

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