1. National Air and Space Museum

    The 20th century’s love affair with flight, from its intrepid beginnings to the mastery of space travel, is explored in this wonderful museum .

    National Air and Space Museum
  2. National Museum of American History

    Mixing the “America’s Attic” approach with fine contemporary interpretive exhibits, the museum offers a fascinating look at America’s past.

  3. National Museum of Natural History

    Must-see exhibits abound here: the Dinosaur Hall with its 87-ft (27-m) Diplodocus longus; skeletal remains; the Hope diamond; the Insect Zoo; O. Orkin IMAX® theater ; and a stunning mammal exhibit.

    Dinosaur Hall, National Museum of Natural History
  4. National Museum of the American Indian

    The Smithsonian’s huge collection of material and artifacts related to Native American art, history, culture, and language moved into its first permanent home in Washington in 2004. Items displayed include North American carvings, quilled hides, feathered bonnets, pottery, and contemporary prints and paintings, as well as objects from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America .

  5. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    An ingeniously symbolic building houses documents depicting the Holocaust in Europe before and during World War II, grimly detailing the surveillance and the loss of individual rights faced by Jews, political objectors, gypsies, homosexuals, and the handicapped. Moving eyewitness accounts, photographs, and artifacts tell the story, from “Nazi Assault,” to “Last Chapter” .

    Personal artifacts, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  6. National Postal Museum

    Mail and fun don’t naturally go together, but at this wonderfully conceived museum, they do. The little Pony Express saddlebags, the tunnel-like construction representing the desolate roads faced by the earliest mail carriers, and the mail-sorting railroad car entertain and inform visitors .

  7. International Spy Museum

    This fascinating museum explores the role that spies have played in world events throughout history. The exhibitions tell the stories of individuals, reveal their missions and techniques, and display their equipment.

  8. National Archives

    The Rotunda of the National Archives has recently been reorganized, but still proudly displays the foundation documents of American independence and government: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. The museum features exciting interactive activities in the Public Vaults .

    Bill of Rights, National Archives
  9. Dumbarton Oaks

    The collections of Byzantine and Pre-Columbian art Dumbarton Oaks are among the most important in the world. The elegant Federal-style house was the site of the 1944 meetings that led to the founding of the United Nations .

    Dumbarton Oaks
  10. Textile Museum

    Founded in 1925, the Textile Museum is one of the world’s foremost specialized museums. It holds over 17,000 objects, spanning 5,000 years, and one of the finest collections of Pre-Columbian, Peruvian, Islamic, and Coptic textiles and Oriental carpets.

    • 421 7th St, NW

    • Open 10am–5pm Mon–Sat, 1–5pm Sun

    • 202 667 041

    • Adm

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