Living with Migraine : How Other People Can Help

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Q: How do I find out more about migraine?
A: Learning more about migraine and keeping up to date on new information is very helpful. There are many resources that can help you with migraine education. You can do research at your local library or at a medical library. Information is also available in bookstores and on the internet. Your doctor may have educational information. Pharmaceutical companies provide educational material and website information about migraine as well.
Q: Who can I turn to for help?
A: The first person to turn to is your doctor. Many people suffer for years without talking to their doctor. Depending upon your situation, you may need to see other healthcare providers too. Many professionals can help you with stress management, physical therapy, physical fitness, and dietary counseling. Initially, it may take time to organize a treatment team and you may need to consult different professionals before you find the right people, but your doctor should be your first point of contact.
Q: How can I find others who have migraine?
A: Migraine is very common. It will not take you long to discover other sufferers once you start your treatment program. You will find that people with migraine are very interested in your experiences and treatment. On finding others, you may want to form home groups or devise ways to come together to share ideas. Most communities have organized support groups as well. You can get information about such support groups and migraine associations by contacting the organizations listed in the Useful addresses section .
Q: How can I find the time to do the research and planning needed to manage my migraine?
A: That is a problem we all could handle a little better. Modern-day lifestyles force us to want more and work more, making it very difficult to fit everything into a 24-hour day. A quick trip to the bookstore for a book on time management may be very helpful. There are many reasons why people overcommit themselves. You may need to seek the help of a professional if you are unable to make time for your migraine treatment.
Q: Can someone help me deal with the financial burden of changing my lifestyle?
A: Healthcare costs and insurance issues can be a real financial burden for many people. Learning more about your insurance coverage will help you lower the cost of your medical care. Prevention can reduce the cost by reducing the amount of money spent on abortive therapy. You will also increase your income as you reduce the amount of time lost from work because of migraine attacks. By not eating out, you will save even more. You may need to take the time to prepare a budget that allows for your migraine care. Discussing your financial situation with a social worker or financial advisor may help you prepare a budget.
Q: How do I manage when I have a severe migraine attack?
A: People who have migraine are often very independent, and they may feel that asking for help is worse than the attack itself. Whether you like it or not, there will be a time during a severe migraine when you will need help. You may need someone to drive you home or to the doctor, or to pick up medication from the pharmacy. There are times you may need help with home or work responsibilities. You need to plan for such circumstances. Identify a few individuals you can turn to for help during an attack. You can always return the favor when they need you.
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