Applying concealer can be difficult - while you don't want the area you've applied it on to look obviously concealed, it also has to cover the area well and make the skin look even, so it's about finding a balance between coverage and what's natural. A good tip is to firstly apply your usual foundation over the area as normal. The foundation will help with the cover up, so you'll need less concealer to finish off the look. If the area you're covering is a spot or dark circle, reach for a green colour balancing concealer first. This will help reduce any redness or darkness in the area, so you can apply either foundation or a flesh-toned concealer over and it will look more natural. Don't forget to blend the concealer after application - it's important that it looks seamless and the same as the rest of your skin, so gentle blend while keeping the product in place.

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You can also use concealer to add different flesh tones to your face. Applying a lighter concealer under your brows will create a pretty highlighting effect, while a slightly darker orange-toned concealer will work wonders on a dark under-eye area. Use liquid concealer under your eyes so it blends more easily. You can even use a concealer to clean up a messy looking cat-eye by picking up some product onto a brush and applying the concealer along the edges of the area that looks uneven. You can also use concealer all over your lips to create a neutral base to apply a colourful lipstick, which will also give it more hold. Get creative and experiment with your concealer products - they have endless uses!


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