Maybe you can be surprised when you detect that there is an invisible mine of salt in your diet.

Our body is consuming sodium too much because sodium is hidden in a lot of foods that seem to be healthy and don’t cause obesity. To mark perpetrators that make the amount of sodium increase every day, you need to read label of products carefully. In addition, you need to look to the amount of sodium in each portion and percent of sodium that is provided more.

Grain for breakfast

Breakfast grain is a judicious choice for a healthy breakfast. However, some products can have about 300mg of sodium for each cup.

Pudding cake

This is food whose content of sodium is high. In addition, it doesn’t have salty taste. You will be surprised about rate of sodium in some snacks, for example pudding cake contains 400mg of sodium in ½ cup.

Pudding cake contains high content of sodium.

Pudding cake contains high content of sodium.

Diet-foods that have been prepared

Frozen and cooked foods are often advertised with low amount of calories or they have less fat. However, in reality, these foods have high content of sodium (sometimes it is provided with sugar). Some foods contain sodium that is similar to the amount of sodium in 8 bags of fried potatoes.

Canned tuna

Tuna is known as source that provides protein and healthy omega-3 fat acid. However, if you choose canned tuna, you are proving with 400mg of sodium in 100grams of portion.

Canned fruits and vegetables

Canned fruits and vegetables are often added with sauces and spices. A can contains 730mg of sodium. You should choose foods that have note “no salt added” or use fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bread and small loaf of bread for breakfast

One slice of white bread can contain 230mg of sodium. This amount seems to be not too much; however, it will advance equally if you eat bread all day.

One slice of white bread can contain 230mg of sodium.

One slice of white bread can contain 230mg of sodium.

Packed poultry

Level of sodium in poultry will be different because it depends on way to prepare. Packed chicken often contains a salt solution that can make the amount of sodium in meat increase. 100-gram portion can contain 440mg of sodium.

Fruit and vegetable juice

Healthy drink such as tomato juice can contain more sodium than you think if you choose canned or processed juices. You should use fresh fruit and vegetable juice – a glass of pure tomato juice only contains 10mg of sodium.

Canned fruit juice contains more sodium than you think.

Canned fruit juice contains more sodium than you think.

Tosses salad

Tossed salad not only provides more fat but also makes the mount of sodium become noticeable. A spoon of oil contains 250mg of sodium. Packages of sauce of tomato and mushroom or spice package also contain sodium, each of spice spoons contains about 150mg of sodium.

Canned soup

A bowl of canned soup contains 1000mg of sodium. The best way is that you should prepare soup at home to control the amount of salt that you add with the best way.

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