You can improve chances to have a boy by changing your diet. Having alkaline food, cervical fluid helps Y chromosome sperms get into eggs for impregnation to have a boy. Long time ago, godmothers emphasize how important a diet affect the baby gender. These conceptions get support from the scientific aspect after a research in 2008 of Exeter University.

Description: Change your diet to have a son

Change your diet to have a son

What you eat decide the baby’s gender

A high calories diet gives much more potential to have a baby boy. Exeter research shows, in 740 women in England who have the first time pregnancy, 56% of them who have high calories diet conceive sons, compare to 45% women have low calorie diet. Women need at least more 40% of calorie in daily diet around conception increases the chance of a boy.

Description: What you eat decide your baby’s gender

What you eat decide your baby’s gender

Make sure you do not skip you cereal in the morning. Skipping it might bring a wrong warn to your body about decreasing glucose, make your body realizes you are lacking of food and an amount of calories in your body. In seems-like-starving case like this might encourage developing female embryo.

The research show women who usually have breakfast have more chances to have a baby boy to 87%. While criticizing scientific community, this point is supported by realistic observation of increasing chances of having a girl in Europe developed countries. Women in those countries are leading in sitting-in-office and low-calorie lifestyle.

Food decides gender of the baby

Alkaline food like lemon, watermelon, pumpkin, cauliflower, tomato, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage are very good for your body if you want to conceive a son. They can change your PH level of cervical fluid and make it less acid to allow Y chromosome sperms alive and penetrate eggs to create male embryo. Do not eat cold fruit. They must be used at normal temperature. Both husband and wife should increase vegetable consumption because vegetable is alkaline food with high nutrition. Rich nutrition food like potassium and vitamins like B-12, C and D are also necessary to conceive a boy. In fact, scientific research shows pregnant women use more than 30mg potassium through food compared to pregnant women who have girl. There are rich potassium food like banana, apple, avocado, strawberry, artichoke, asparagus, almond, potato and beef.


Food contains salt also help conceiving a son. Those high potassium and sodium food like raisin, almond, fig, and apricot are also helpful because high glucose consumption is related to the development of male embryo in a scientific aspect in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) research.

Description: Food like cheese creating female embryo

Food like cheese creating female embryo

Food like cheese, legume and yogurt will actuate creating female embryo because they increase the acid level in cervical fluid. The absorption of many dairy products which contain high acid won’t encourage creating male embryo. In general, meat does have acid, but when you have meat, choose red meat because they are rich in potassium.

Description: Stay away from junk food

Stay away from junk food

Avoid junk food and canned food because they are rich in acid and have no nutrition at all. This natural adjusting diet might be used at the same time with other methods to stimulate conceiving a son. While research seems promising, it is important that parents can realize these studies are not recipes to conceive a boy and there is no guarantee for all of these methods.


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