Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Description: Go on a Scavenger Hunt!


Hand your kids a magazine and ask them to scour the pages to find a picture of a tree or to pinpoint a photo that makes them laugh.

‘I spy’ bottle

Fill a plastic bottle with rice. Mix in small objects such as a coin, a paper clip, and a postage stamp; glue the top on to seal. Make a list of the items and see how many the kids can find by shaking and turning the bottle.

Search party

Send the kids from room to room and have them point out one item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Play with shapes or colours for the younger set.

Trip tips

Planning a vacation? Hide clues around the house and have your little detectives find them to figure out where you’ll be going.

Goody Bag :Trendy Goodies for a Joyful June

Description: Joyful

Toys, apps, creative activities for the month, movies and books to look out for, and more.

T-shirt, $ 8, Lifestyle

School bag, $ 25, Lifestyle

Bottle, $ 4, Watermelons

Lunch box, $ 5, Kiddi Land

Clogs, $ 7

Superman Return

From bags to T-shirt to footwear, this classic superhero has made a comeback. Check out the Superman-inspired merchandise which is never outdated, and is a favorite with kids, despite the innumerable novice superheroes. Inspire your little hero with any of them.

Opening Soon!

Get a unique sea-life experience, the first of its kind in India. Watch sharks, sea lions, and dolphins as you walk through Blue Planet’s transparent tunnel. Coming soon to Delhi-NCR, the grand aquarium will bring to life little mermaids in choreographed underwater shows.

Musical Learning

Tutor your tiny toddler in a melodious way.

Inspire your tot’s imagination with the musical learning kit. Make him learn the alphabet, numbers, and words. The kit will enable your sweet pea to identify symbols, visually and verbally. Skykidz Buddy Fun-N-Learn, $ 11, Mitashi.

Plan Right

Lots of options to keep the kids engrossed and entertained this summer.

Astronomical Delight: See a movie at Nehru Planetarium – Coral: Rekindling Venus

Let’s Create: Join a creative workshop with Hobby Ideas Store

Valuable Vacation: The Trident Holidays package for Jaipur, Araga and Udaipur gives you a complimentary room for kids under 12, plus a kids’ camp.

Write With Elan

Get your kids to write in style with tall vibrant pens in blue, red and green. The cute tops made from foam will prompt them to sit down for homework on their own.

Popcorn Pen, $ 1 each, Watermelons

Don’t Miss

Description: Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is here.

Book your tickets for yet another comic adventure with the crazy anima bunch – Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. Releasing on the 8th.

Let’s Go Fishing

Teaching math couldn’t get any easier. Hand your kid a fishing rod and let her sum up the point on each fish she catches. A fun game for improving hand-eye-coordination and of course, for enhancing her math skills. Set it up in your splash for your tiny math wizard. Fish and Count, $22, ELC, 3+

Wacky Canvas

Colour, then show off in the rain with your customized umbrella.

The pre-printed umbrella comes with candy design, and 6 weatherproof markers. Let your kid create, and use!

Color A Yumbrella, $ 19, Alex, 4+

Germ Free

Protect your baby’s pacifier from getting dirty (and laden with germs) with these cute teatcover holders. Clip Clap, $ 5 each, Chicco, 0+

Must Read

Get your pre-tween a copy as Anne reveals all her secrets.

Celebrate Anne Frank’s birthday this month with her Tales From The Secret Annexe that completes the life sketch of the author, who penned these tales at the age of 13. The book features her lesser-known writings such as short stories and personal recollections. $ 6, Hachette India

Apps We Love

Model Noyonika Chatterjee, mon to Nayantara, 9, shares her daughter’s favorite apps.

Word Abacus: I introduced her to this app as it’s a great way to learn new words. It’s improving her word formation skills and thus, enhancing her vocabulary.

Kaun Banega Crorepati: Nayantara loves to play the quiz. She is ecstatic whenever she wins prize money even though it’s virtual. I’m happy as she learns new things and is improving her GK.

Sky Burger: It’s a mindless game in which you are making a burger. Sky Berger is fun, and she’s always alert while playing the game.

Happy Room

This colourful floor mat will give your child wings of imagination!

Add colour and creativity to your children’s room with this vibrant mat. Ask them to weave it into their pretend-play sessions! Butterfly mat, $ 5, HomeStop

Cool Pool

Description: Cool Pool

Set up a pool party for the kids and beat the summer heat.

Pull out the artillery! Beach pails are great to fill up and then drunk someone.

Dig out leftover pichkaris form Holi and make full use of water guns to drown your opponents!

If you place the splash pool in the hot sun, apply sunscreen with SPF 50 on the kids.

Looking for unlimited fun and impromptu games? Fill the pool with colourful balls.

Champion Dad

Description: Champion Dad

This Father’s Day, put your children’s creative streak to good use by getting them to fashion an adorable trophy foe Dad.

  1. To make this trophy, you need two paper cups, two pipe cleaners, golden poster paint, a flat brush, scissors, masking tape, Fevicol, one A3 size black sheet, and a white pencil.

  1. Cut the bottom rim of the cups and stick them together with Fervicol. Tightly wrap the masking tape around. Bends the pipe cleaners in the shape of handles, and insert them on both sides.

  1. Cover the glasses all over with tape, and paint them golden using a flat brush. Make a stand with a cardboard box. Write your wish with a white pencil on a strip of black sheet. Stick and gift!

Cardboard Crazy

Kids love the packing as much as the presents themselves. US-based mom Sabrina Moyle threw a box bonanza for her twin son’s first birthday bash.

Out of the box

Description: castle

Sabrina and her crafty friends transformed cartons into a castle, an airplane, and a car.

Squared away

Gift boxes filled with chocolate airplanes and buses were topped with home-made buttons.

Double the fun

Sabrina designed the letterpress invite for James and Alex. The last line was B.Y.O.B. – bring your own box, keeping with the party theme.

Make a wish

This cake with a red smiling balloon tasted nothing like cardboard.

Nice cap

Folded paper hats were worn by both young and old.

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