Description: kid’s holidays

Add fun to your kid’s holidays with these delicious summer coolers. They’re freshand easy to assemble.

Cranberry sparkler

In a shaker, mix 120mll cranberry juice, 30ml orange juice, and 1tsp honey; shake, then pour over ice. Top with a splash or two of chilled soda and a cherry. An easy-to-make refresher.

Peppermint shake

Combine 90ml low-fat milk, 60ml creamer (such as Coffee Mate), a drop each of peppermint and vanilla extract, and green food colouring. Shake and strain into a glass rimmed with crushed candy cane.

Apple pie punch

Stir together 120ml apple juice, 1tsp fresh lemon juice, and 1/2 grenadine syrup. Pour over crushed ice and garnish with an apples slice. An irresistible party treat for your kid and his friends.

Inspire Learning

Description: Inspire Learning

Ellen Booth Church, a US-based childhood educational consultant, talks about early development and bringing Kinderpillar to India.

While choosing a preschool for your child…

It’s important to see that the school does not have a set curriculum that is the same every day, but something that speaks to the child in terms of how they learn. We know about multiple intelligences, children learn in different ways – some are interactive, some scientific, while some enjoys language-based learning. So, if you have programme which is diverse and open-ended, you should go for it. Look for a school go for it. Look for a school where kids interact with the teachers and are not instructed by them.

Edutainment plays a key role.

Media is a part of a child’s world today whether it’s the internet or TV. The entertainment has to be good quality. Children are being exposed to all these, so it’s our job to make it suitable for them. My role as an educational consultant for Disney or Cartoon Network involves outlining whether specific content works, or is inappropriate for kids. The idea is to make entertainment something that inspires children to learn. We don’t want education television that turn kid’s minds off.

Blend cognitive learning experience with creative play.

It’s 150 per cent important to combine both in early childhood learning. You really can’t have one without the other. For children to truly have cognitive skills like recognizing colours and shapes learning how to read, and do math, you have to have a creative theme to connect with it.

Kids have a short attention span – yes and no.

The yes part is that kids have a short attention span. And, the no part is that they have the short attention span depending on what we are asking them to do. The activity has to be self inspired, involving an interactive parent or a guiding teacher. A workbook page or something more didactic in learning will bore the child.

Kinderpillar Ivy League Kids is well suited for Indian climes.

I don’t think that it has a US approach. I just believe that it’s a good philosophy that has come from the US. It has already been tested there. We’ll combine traditional Indian values with this approach, and won’t plop down with what we have. The first preschool will open in Chandigarh by November this year.

Health News

Drink up

Description: Drink up

Dehydration on the playing field can put kids at risk for heat-related illness. Prevent it by making sure your kid drinks water before, during, and after sports practise. (At the each break he should chug 150ml, or 10 big gulps.) If your lid complains of thirst, a dry or sticky mouth, headache, fatigue, and if he lacks energy, take him out of the game and have him hydrate immediately.

A Cotton Swab Caution

Did you know it’s common to puncture a child’s eardrum when cleaning it with a cotton swab? Remove earwax safely with this advice from US-based Dr. Christopher Hampson, and Child Advisor Dr. Atul Ahuja.


·         Clean more than twice a week. Earwax is actually beneficial and helps keep the ear canal moisturized, while preventing debris and dirt from getting in.

·         Use cotton swabs or other small objects to clean ears. If a swab is inserted too far, it can bruise or tear a hole in the eardrum, which could lead to permanent hearing loss.

·         Use OTC solutions to clean the ears if your child has ear tubes. Ingredients such as peroxide and alcohol can cause burning if they get in the tube. It’s a strict no for kids who have got a myringotomy surgery done.


·         Use a tissue or a warm washcloth. This way you can gently clean earwax from the opening of the ear canal, and it is safe as well.

·         See your physician if your child is in pain or complains about muffled hearing. This could be caused by an excessive amount of wax. Your doctor will either remove the plug or prescribe a solution.

·         Try mineral oil drop. It’s absolutely fine to use two or three drops twice a week to soften earwax and prevent build-up.

Which is more helpful?

Description: Which is more helpful?

Q: Disinfecting wipes or disinfecting spays?

A: Both wipes and sprays are effective as long as you use a new wipe for each surface, and if they contain one of three ingredients: ammonia, bleach, or quaternary ammonium compounds.

Q: hand washing or using a hand sanitizer?

A: soap loosens bacteria and viruses from the skin, and helps wash them down the drain, while sanitizers kill the germs. Both methods are equally effective, experts say, but if your child’s hands are dirty, head for the sink. “Hand sanitizers can’t get to viruses if they’re hiding behind dirt,” says US-based Dr. Neil Schachter. Make sure your kid does at least one real hand washing for every five uses of sanitizer.

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