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Description: she likes many things about Daddy

This excerpt from Daddy’s Mo talks about a daughter’s fascination for her dad’s moustache!

All about dad

Anu likes many things about Daddy

She likes the bright, paper lanterns he makes, the crisp onion pakodas he fries and the cute tortoise he makes out of paper. Besides, he climbs the stairs with a hop, and wrestles with Uncle for fun.

When guest come over, he always makes them laugh.

Anu likes all these things about Daddy.

Description: But do you know what Anu likes most all? Daddy’s moustache!

But do you know what Anu likes most all? Daddy’s moustache!

But do you know what Anu likes most all?

Daddy’s moustache!

Every morning as Daddy shaves, Anu sits by and watches him carefully. Daddy holds his tiny pair of scissors between his two fingers, and with a snip-snip-snip he trims his moustache.

Anu says, “Now a little to left… now a bit to the right… no no, Daddy! Don’t make your moustache small! I won’t talk to you if you do!”

When daddy comes out of the shower, Anu takes a little comb and brushes his moustache neatly.

She then holds both ands between her fingertips and gives then a twirl! Then Daddy’s moustache looks stiff and proud. “Done, Daddy! Now don’t you mess it up, okay?” she says sternly.

Description: Actually, Anu likes anyone with a moustache

Actually, Anu likes anyone with a moustache.

Like the dad of her friend Tuti, whose real name is Smruti. He has such a fat moustache! He must need a big far comb to brush it.

Tuti’s dad plays very good tennis. But really, he should be a wrestler. If he wears a pleated turban and carries a giant club on his shoulder, he’ll look just great!

Sahil’s dad has a pencil-thin moustache.

Anu wonders how he manages to trim it so fine. If he wears a tall black hat, a long black overcoat and dark glasses, he’ll look just like the detective on TV, who catches all the thieves!

But Grandpa who lives next door has the best moustache of all!

It looks as if a big white cloud has come down from the sky to live under his nose! His mouth is hidden behind the cloud.

Anu is anxious about Grandpa… how can he eat with that cloud in the way?

6 Things to Learn From Chillar Party

Description: 6 Things to Learn From Chillar Party

You don’t need to sift through pedantic tomes for pearls of parenting wisdom. Just watch this film.

  1. Don’t underestimate kids

If you equip them with confidence, they can move mountains. See how the kids masterminded the ‘Save Bhidu’ operation, and used the power of the net and networking to make the ‘chaddi’ protest a success.

  1. Be sensitive yourself

Whether it’s to someone from a lower strata of society, or even to an animal, the children, who initially behave like mean bullies, later come to love Fatka and Bhidu (even doing his job of cleaning cars when he’s unwell, and later employing him to clean their bicycles and paying him form their pocket money when he gets sacked on grounds of child labour).

  1. Reasoning works best

Encyclopaedia’s dad always reasons with him unlike the other parents who rebuke. He also emerges as the main force lobbying for the kids, and all after asking his son just one question: “Do you think you can do it?” Encyclopaedia’s answer: “Yes”. Also, he explains the majority census clause to his son, and the bespectacled genius discovers the Society rule book and the loophole.

  1. Home atmosphere counts

There’s a reason Silencer doesn’t speak. If you see the scenes in his home, no one talks to him or pays him any attention, and he’s obviously suffering from self-esteem issues. However, silence does not equal daft. He speaks up in the last scene, and speaks sense.

  1. Let kids be

Jhangiya didn’t want to wear an underwear. So what? His parents let him be, and he turned out fine. When it mattered of course, he wore the most unique chaddi of all, with aplomb (and suspenders!) i=on the other hand, Aflatoon’s parents enrolled him in every activity. Was he a whiz? Nope. He was just tired!

  1. Don’t be judgemental

While everyone made fun of him, Fatka encouraged the man with the woman’s voice to become an RJ. He did; and also became the kids’ biggest supporter.

What It’s About

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl, and produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Salman Khan Being Human Productions, Chillar Party is a touching tale of friendship between a group of kids and an urchin and his dog. It won the 2011 National Film Award for Best Children’s Film.

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