Babies that are 9-12 weeks old like to take notice and their listening ability is also improved.

The 9th week

Development of babies

You begin to recognize emotional moods and different intentions through language melody of babies. In addition, baby’s hearing ability is improved a lot (you can recognize this thing by observing babies’ emotion when they find out sound that attract them).

At this time, baby’s hearing ability is improved a lot

At this time, baby’s hearing ability is improved a lot.

By talking with children, you will help them have good feeling about voice. Especially, children like to see your mouth when you talk. Surely, you will be surprised at children’s more and more vivacious reaction and responding. At this time, when children cry or smile, they have separated aspect to express different demands.

Note for mothers

At this time, you and your husband don’t get emotion in pillow talk. It’s easy to understand this thing. However, although you don’t have time, you feel tired and aren’t excited about this thing,. You and your husband should find way to express love for each other.

The 10th week

Development of children

If your baby has a long sleep from 5-6 hours in night, you are lucky. Most babies that are 10 weeks old always awake at night. However, at this age, babies have a general point that their awaking time is longer. Babies can have 2-4 long sleeps and they even have 10 hours of awaking.

An interesting note is that: Although your baby is “a night owl” or “morning nightingale”, it has short or long sleep, habit about that sleep will repeat in a long time.

If your baby has a long sleep from 5-6 hours in night, you are lucky. Most babies that are 10 weeks old always awake at night.

If your baby has a long sleep from 5-6 hours in night, you are lucky. Most babies that are 10 weeks old always awake at night.

Note for mothers

Find a suitable babysitter.

You yourself cannot get along with housework and taking care of baby and you want to find a suitable babysitter. You can refer to ideas and ask for introductions of other parents about centers that provide service of babysitting and babysitters that are believable, careful, and know how to take care of babies. First of all, you should decide who you will choose, you can ask this person to take care of babies in some hours and observe the way which babysitters interact with babies, feed and bathe them…

The 11th week

Development of children

You can recognize that their hands and legs begin to rummage on all sides as a dancer. Not like the time when you have just given birth, movements about babies’ hands and legs become smoother and further, especially when babies respond again when you talk with them. Mothers should create space that can help babies stretch and move hands and legs. These activities will help them become stronger and their muscles also develop better. This is the time when you begin to practice babies with the first steps of being ready to practice rolling over.

Baby’s hands and legs begin to rummage on all sides as a dancer.

Baby’s hands and legs begin to rummage on all sides as a dancer.

Note for mothers

Sucking babies, mothers can still be pregnant.

There is a question that many mothers often ask: In the time when they raise children with mother’s milk, can they become pregnant? And the answer is yes. They have incorrect conception that in the time when they give babies breast, they cannot become pregnant. You need to remember that raising babies with mother’s milk isn’t way to prevent pregnancy. And a time after giving birth, your ovum will fall normally before having a period again. Therefore, if you don’t want to become pregnant again, you should use method to prevent pregnancy when you begin to have sexual relation again.

You can refer to the following methods that prevent pregnancy:

Go on the pill: If you used to take normal contraceptive, in this period of raising babies with mother’s milk, you should pay attention that you should only use contraceptives containing progestin used for mothers that are giving babies the breast. You can take 1 tablet/day in particular time in day.

Put in a coil: If you are sure that you won’t become pregnant in the next 5-10 years, you can use method of putting in a coil.

Use condom: This is the best method of preventing pregnancy to mothers giving babies breast because it doesn’t affect health and it is easier than taking contraceptive every day.

The 12th week

Development of children

Read story and let babies listen to it.

Of course, they cannot completely understand stories that you tell them. But this is the way that helps them recognize language and rhythm of language. You should read with melody and stress or sing. These things can attract babies more. Sometimes, babies don’t pay attention or see other direction, so you can stop and let them relax a little.

You should read fairy tale, choose big stories that have bright pictures. In addition, their text is simple, they don’t have words to help you tell story by yourself. At this time, you don’t need to choose books that are suitable for baby’s age. You only need to pay attention to pictures that are clear, sharp and they have bright color.

Note for mothers

Deal with unexpected advice.

Until you give birth, many people contribute their ideas and advise you many things, for example: “you shouldn’t let your child wear sweater”, “ You should let your child eat early to help it grows faster and becomes fat”, “ if you let your child hold nipple like that, it’s difficult for it to teethe”. Although that advice is right or wrong, it will make you worry and calculate.

How should you conduct with thousands of advice like those? First of all, you shouldn’t hurry to follow all of them. It’s easy to be affected by information form friends, relatives and strange people. You should do things that you think are the best for your children.

Sometimes, everyone shares experience of raising children and advises with simple purpose like a story to tell. To such cases, you only need to answer with proprieties with similar sentences: “Yes, thanks for your care”, “Yes, let me see”. To ideas of maternal and paternal grandparents, the wonderful way to avoid advice is taking advantage of the third side: “Mum, doctor guide me feed my baby with this way”…



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