Babies that are from 4-7 weeks old have a lot of interesting changes. These things make their parents surprised.

Description: Babies that are from 4-7 weeks old have a lot of interesting changes.

Babies that are from 4-7 weeks old have a lot of interesting changes.

Babies 4 weeks old

Development of babies

Babies begin to read loudly and unceasingly, they even shout and cream and laugh loudly to show their emotion. Mothers should regularly chat with them by this language. This thing not only makes babies feel interesting but also helps them be aware of structure and function of language. You shouldn’t be fearful of imitating baby’s chattering. When they both take care of and do something, you should let babies hear your voice.

Changes of mothers: confused emotion

Although you feel that you are the happiest person in this earth because you’re mothers, you couldn’t avoid disappointed feeling. You have spent pregnancy with 9 months and 10 days. You have had imaginations about babies not like now. Many mothers are hard to compete with health problems; they feel that the things that they receive don’t fit with the things they have to bargain. When they are healthy, they also have similar emotions. These emotions are normal, humans and mothers don’t have to feel sinful when they have feelings like those.

Description: Babies that are from 4 weeks old begin to read loudly and unceasingly, shout and cream, smile to show their emotion.

Babies that are from 4 weeks old begin to read loudly and unceasingly, shout and cream, smile to show their emotion.

Babies 5 weeks old

Development of babies

In this period, the clearest sound that you hear from babies is loud smile. You should be ready to spend all of the things to take care of and love babies so that they always have radiant smile. To parents, if hearing baby’s smile, all of their worries can also disappear despite not sleeping all night.

Changes of mothers

Check health after giving birth. In this time, mothers will carry out the final test in rout of checking periodic health from beginning to be pregnant to after giving birth. Some problems about health after giving birth that mothers are initiative to ask doctor are state of hipbone, womb, incision and sewing position (if any), especially breast (if you give babies the breast), the time that you can have sexual relation again and methods to avoid pregnancy after giving birth.

In addition, doctors also pay attention to spirit health of mothers after giving birth. If you feel that you have “baby blues syndrome” - if the tired and mournful state last over 2 weeks, you should ask doctor to intervene to avoid depression after giving birth.

Babies 6 weeks old

Development of babies

In this period, babies begin to sleep less, the time that babies have sound mind is longer. You can use this time to develop baby’s emotion. You can try to sing a favorite song to lull babies or open music and let them hear. Not only with child music, you can also let them listen to from folk music to classical music. Then, observe expressions about baby’s emotion such as moving baby’s lips, beating feet and hands.

Changes of mothers: sexual relation after giving birth

You will feel tired and desire for sexual relation is zero (because of adjustment of some hormones in mothers’ body after giving birth, especially to mothers that are giving babies the breast). Your sexual life nearly changes completely when you have babies. Although doctors affirm that you can have sexual relation again normally, you feel that you aren’t ready.

However, whether you want to have sexual relation, you and your husband should be close to each other. You should pay attention to the following information:

·         After giving birth, does sexual relation make you feel painful? The case of torn vulva or sewed vulva or vulva isn’t torn, sensitive area is also black and blue has injury in a long time. To avoid painful feeling in sexual intercourse, you should wait until injury becomes intact and sewing thread decomposes. Normally, mothers that give babies breast will have changes about hormones and it leads to dried vagina. In this case, you should use erased condom or gel to lubricate vagina.

·         Is vagina stretched? Vagina can be elastic well. It can widen to contain a baby and its first size will be similar to size after giving birth. Normally, vagina is stretched and it is different from early time. Elasticity of vagina belongs to many elements: weight of baby, the times you give birth and your practice for muscle of vagina.

·         After giving birth, are you attractive? If your husband doesn’t pay much attention to sexual relation, you shouldn’t be hurry to give conclusion that you aren’t attractive to your husband. Maybe he is also tired and stressed because the family has a new member. Your husband needs to get acquainted with the thing that his charming wife becomes a mother. In this situation, love, understanding thoroughly and sympathy are very important. First of all, you should talk with each other straightly about your feeling. If this time isn’t appropriate to have sexual relation, parents can be close through stimulations about touch, loving and embracing and kissing….

Description: Babies that are 6 weeks old begin to sleep less.

Babies that are 6 weeks old begin to sleep less.

Babies 7 weeks old

Development of babies

This is the stage that baby’s brain is perfect about size and structure. During the first 3 months, it will develop 5cm.

You can see that sometimes babies have sound mind, but they often lie quietly and observe. This is the time that babies are getting acquainted with all of the things around them. Mothers should take full advantage of this time to make acquainted with babies by talking with them, singing and letting them listen, showing them things around. Although babies cannot understand things that you say, it will help babies learn better. 

In addition, babies begin to use their hands to feel (of course, at a low rate). Bathing is also an interesting life experience to babies.

Changes of mothers: feel guilty when they don’t raise babies by mother’s milk

Mother’s milk is the first food that is perfect to babies. However, there are many reasons that some mothers cannot give the baby breast: avoid infecting from mothers to babies, mothers feel painful when they give the baby breast and mothers don’t have milk. Many mothers are ready to raise babies with mother’s milk; however, when they are in this situation, they will feel disappointed and guilty with babies.

However, you should understand that raising babies with mother’s milk or using other milks will help babies develop normally. If you cannot give babies with breast or you are thinking about babies that do not suck, you should refer doctor’s advice. You should tell the truth about problems that you have when you raise babies with mother’s milk. Moreover, you shouldn’t be too strict to yourselves. You need to remember that it’s not too important to feed babies; the most important thing is the way that you love and take care of babies.


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