Foods That Are Good For Health In Summer

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Summer is a good condition for viruses to work hard. In order to maintain a healthy body, you need to have certain knowledge about hot season life skill.

The best flavoring: Vinegar

In hot seasons, you have to sweat a lot. So, using a little bit vinegar can increase the amount of gastric acid, increase appetite and improve the digestion.

A little bit vinegar can increase the amount of gastric acid

A little bit vinegar can increase the amount of gastric acid

Vinegar also has the ability to strongly inhibit viruses in a short time. It’s able to prevent intestinal infectious diseases, such as typhoid and dysentery… In summer, the body easily gets tired and eating vinegar can remove the tiredness fast as well as maintain the body energy.

Though vinegar is good for health, you shouldn’t eat it much. People have stomach issue or are under medical treatment should ask their doctors before use vinegar.

The best vegetables: Bitter vegetables

As summer has high temperature and humidity, people easily get sluggish, tired, lose appetite and weight… For that reason, eating bitter vegetables is very good for health. Bitter foods are rich in natural base, amino acid, bitter, vitamin and minerals which can cool the body, reduce tiredness, uplift the spirit and protect the stomach. 

Bitter vegetables include bitter melon, endive, celery, lilies and lotus seeds…

The best meat: Duck

Duck not only provides protein for the body, but prevent many diseases. Besides, duck derive from waterfowl and has cool nature. It’s particularly good for people who are hot inside.

Duck provides protein for the body and prevents many diseases.

Duck provides protein for the body and prevents many diseases.

You can cook duck porridge and other dishes. For example, cook duck with sticky porridge can protect the stomach, provide nutrients to blood and stimulate saliva secretion. Foods that made from duck and kelp are able to soften the apple, lower blood pressure and fight against cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.

The best soup: Tomato soup

Tomato soup can provide essential nutrients and water for the human body. The lycopene in tomato can fight against prostate cancer and protect your heart. Therefore, tomato is very good for human health in summer, especially to males.

The best drink: Warm tea

In summer, most people like drinking cold drinks, such as coke and coffee. However, the drink that is good for human in summer is warm tea. Potassium in tea leaves can help cool your body and provide energy for the body. For the reason, you can drink warm tea to gain back strength.

The best nutrients: Vitamin E

Cauliflower and sesame contain plenty of vitamins E.

Cauliflower and sesame contain plenty of vitamins E.

Vitamin E is an important nutrient to the human body. It helps prevent bad effects of the sun. There’re a lot of vitamins E in cauliflower, milk products and sesame. Hence, you should eat those foods in summer or take vitamin E pills, according to doctor’s prescriptions.   

The best sport: Swim

Swim can improve the functions of arms, legs, hip, belly, heart, brain, lung, liver and blood vessels. When swimming, the body temperature can be consumed fast. You can go swimming to improve the body health.

To be healthy in summer, you should have certain knowledge about life skill and create good living habits.


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